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Strap these steps on your spare wheel. A simple, non-permanent ladder solution for accessing your vehicle’s roof top.
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Convenient means of reaching your roof rack.
Attaches to rear mounted spare wheel using heavy duty black ratchet strap provided.
Allows effortless access to Roof Racks.
Black powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel frame with non-slip tread plates.
Fits wheel sizes from 24" to 35". No drilling, no tools -- just wrap, ratchet tight, and step up.
Can be used to secure the Spare Tire Mount Braai/BBQ Grate to your vehicles spare wheel.
Consists of:
Ladder, top step and bottom step
5m (196.85“) endless ratchet strap

Materials used:
Black powder-coated 3mm (0.11") 3CR12 stainless steel

Product Dimensions:
L 450mm (17.71") x W 150mm (5.9") x H 110mm (4.33")
Length of strap: 5m (196.85”)

3kg (6.6lbs)

Fits all wheel types between 24"and 35"

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions
Hello It is possible to let the item mounted permanently? Or need I detach it before driving? Thanks a lot Regards Tim
Question by: Tim Lukes
The Spare wheel step is strapped on the wheel and can be used as a fixed accessories. Please ensure the step is properly secured often to prevent any injury.
Answer by: Front Runner
I assume this would be for spare tires that are attached to the Tailgate and not for the tires with that are held by tire carriers and open independent of the tailgate, is that correct?
Question by: Abdul
The Spare Wheel Step (LADD007) is designed for use with all spare tire mounts. That being said all carriers must be closed before use. Also be mindful of the weight limit of the carrier.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can a longer ratchet strap be attached if you're running tires larger than 35"?
Question by: Ryan
Yes. We use an endless ratchet strap that only works up to a 35". You can use a longer strap for larger tires, but we wouldn't recommend using it for anything larger that a 37" tire. The contour of the tire will change and the step may not fit flush against the tire to get the grip necessary for using. Feel free to contact us with your tire size, if you need to know what length strap is needed for your vehicle. Best Regards, Bryan Rush 818-253-1322
Answer by: Front Runner
How much weight can this support?
Question by: Stuart
Stuart, The Spare Tire Step was designed to support a full grown adult with ease. A lot of variables like the type of Spare Tire mount, the size and softness of the tire, and how tight the ratchet strap holding the step to the tire will change its load capacity. -Bryan
Answer by: Front Runner
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