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This 50l (13.2gal) slanted water tank is intended to maximise space utilisation by fitting behind the back seats of utility vehicles and the slanted shape compensates for the slant in the back seats.​​
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This 50l (13.2gal) slanted water tank is intended to maximise space utilisation by fitting behind the back seats of utility vehicles and the slanted shape compensates for the slant in the back seats.

This tank is universal in terms of its implementation; it can be used in custom storage systems, motorhomes, other vehicles and other many other instances.

Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.

50l (13.2gal) capacity.

This tank has plastic pipe fittings.
The Water Tank Hose Kit for this water tank is sold seperately.
Material used:
Tank: BPA-free polyethylene
Fittings: Plastic
50l (13.2gal)
Product Dimensions:
W 1000mm (39.4") x H 350mm (13.8") x L tapered 200mm (7.9") to 150mm (5.9")
5.08kg (11.2lbs)

    *A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

    Product Questions
    Will the Slanted Water Tank fit in the space behind the back seat of a 2 door Jeep Wrangler JK?
    Question by: James
    We have not confirmed this fitment, but you can compare the dimensions of your vehicle to the technical drawings on the product page to determine compatibility.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Do you need to presurize these tanks, or are these gravity fed to allow the tanks to empty?
    Question by: Cameron Garcia
    Our tanks can be gravity drained or you can use an inline pump.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Hi, is there any issue with having this water tank on the roof rack? I will not have it there permanently just for a 10 day trip.
    Question by: Josh
    The tank was designed for a "behind the seat" application but you can store it on a rack, with custom modification, as long as all weight limits and warnings are observed. All of our water containers are BPA free and are a dark grey color. Dark colors allow less light to pass through which reduces growth of waterborne algae.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    What is the thickness of the material.
    Question by: Steve Kuhn
    The material is 10mm thick.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Is there a syphon or 90 degree fitting inside to get the water off the bottom of the tank?
    Question by: Roy
    A 90 Degree fitting can be added to Water Tank.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    do you make this tank with the filler and the hose on the right hand side rather than the left as pictured as I would like to put it inside a van with door on passenger side
    Question by: mark
    Hi - The knockout is only on one side. Please check out all our other water carrying solutions. Hopefully something else will work for you!
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Does the tank have any anti-slosh features in the interior design? Concerned about the noise of the water splashing around if it's mounted behind the rear seat of my '13 Tacoma.
    Question by: Blane Woodfin, Jr.
    No, the water tanks do not have baffles in them to limit noise because they would decrease the amount of water the tank could carry and add weight.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Hi, Will this tank fit behind the rear seat of a 2015 4 door Tacoma ?
    Question by: Casey
    The water tank is 15.2" (Tall) x 39.5" (Wide) x 7.5" (Deep). Compare these measurements to the area behind your seats to verify fitment. You can also view a schematic of the tank in the photos section.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    can a tire valve be added to the cap to pressurize the tank to increase waterflow?
    Question by: nik
    Yes, you can add a tyre valve to assist with pressurising the tank. We, unfortunately, do not offer this as a standard option.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Hello - is there an elbow joint I can order to improve the flow rate on this tank? I have it mounted in the back of a Mercedes G550. In order for it to fit, the flexible hose is crimped/bent so much that very little water passes through. I am using the premium hose kit with this tank. Thanks in advance.
    Question by: Loren
    Unfortunately, we don't carry any 90 degree fittings, but the fitting is 1/2 inch. You should be able to find a fitting at any local hardware store.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    1) Will the front runner slanted water tank fit behind the rear seat of my 2014 Isuzu DMax? 2) When the tanks are only partly filled, is the buffer between rear seat and cab enough to sufficiently dampen the slosh sounds of water moving around in the tank?
    Question by: Erik Helmerhorst
    No the slanted tank will not fit behind the seats of the Isuzu DMax. However the WTAN004 27Lt water bladder will fit in that space. Or you can fit the WTAN002 footwell tank between the front and rear seats.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    What temperature is the tank rated for? I would like to use for a onboard hot water shower. Thanks Kyle
    Question by: Kyle
    Kyle, The maximum storage temperature of this tank is 140 degrees fahrenheit. Best Regards, Bryan
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Are there baffles in the tank to prevent water from slushing around?
    Question by: Crush Jeep
    No, this tank does not include baffles. Thank you.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    I'm concerned that gravity-flow alone won't generate enough water pressure to make good use of a spray-nozzle, since the tank will essentially be waste-high in my truck. Could you mount a pump on this tank?
    Question by: Thirsty in the Mountains
    The tank has a very good flow when only gravity fed. It is possible to use a pump with the tank yes. Look up WTAN019.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Is this tank suitable for roof rack mounting and long-term exposure to UV rays?
    Question by: Pluto
    Yes all our water containers are BPA free and are a dark grey color. Dark colors allow less light to pass through which reduces growth of waterborne algae. The tank design is meant for a "behind the seat" application but you can store it on a rack, with custom modification, if that fits your application best.
    Answer by: Front Runner
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