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Roof Top Tent - by Front Runner

Roof Top Tent - by Front Runner

MSRP $1,307.00
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Product Code: TENT031
A 1.3m (4.3') wide roof top tent that is 2.5m (8.2') long when unfolded. The super low 200mm (7.87“) profile (excl. ladder) reduces wind resistance. This tent is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market and only weighs 43kg (93 lbs).​​
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A 1.3m (4.3') wide roof top tent that is 2.5m (8.2') long when unfolded. The super low 200mm (7.87“) profile (excl. ladder) reduces wind resistance. This tent is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market and only weighs 43kg (93 lbs).
  • Sleeps 2+ comfortably.
  • Opens in one smooth motion for an instant bedroom.
  • Lighter than all the other comparable roof top sleeping solutions on the market today, weighing only 43kgs/93lbs.
  • Includes a mattress, all you need to do is add sleeping bags and pillows.
  • A durable tent cover made from 1000D PVC protects your tent when not in use.
  • Unobstructed views out of all windows.
  • Zippered privacy panels on all windows and doors.
  • Retractable, sturdy aluminium ladder with foot friendly treads
  • Manufactured with a special Oxford tent fabric (400D) -- a strong, breathable, mould resistant, waterproof, PVC coated, heavy duty poly-cotton.
  • The tent is mounted to an aluminium base that is insulated to keep the cold out.
  • No need to install additional extrusions as it comes standard with an aluminium extrusion for securing the optional shower skirt.
  • Tent rails are supplied loose to give you flexibility, which allows you to mount the tent onto most load bars and roof racks.
  • An easily removable HD fly-sheet cover (made from 200D Oxford weatherproof fabric) offers shade during the day, decreased condensation in the morning, and the ability to leave the windows open when it’s raining.
  • The windows and door privacy panels zip closed upwards, so that the size of the opening can be adjusted according to privacy needs or weather conditions.
  • The windows and door are screened so they can be opened or closed without letting insects in.
  • A roof ventilator opening with a mosquito screen reduces condensation while providing a steady source of ventilation.
  • Two interior pockets to store gear as well as overhead Velcro loops that could be used for to hang lights and other items.
  • Can be mounted on most vehicles to open out over the rear or to open over either side of the vehicle.
PLEASE NOTE! To mount any Roof Top Tent to the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack you will need the Tent Mount Kit or the Tent Mount Kit / Tall

Consists of:
1 x Tent
1 x Flysheet
1 x Aluminium ladder
1 x Mattress
1 x Tent Cover
1 x Rod kit
1 x Mounting studs kit

Materials used:
Body of Tent: Oxford tent fabric (400D). A special Oxford tent fabric, PVC coated heavy duty poly cotton.
Rain Fly: 200D Oxford weatherproof fabric.
Mattress:51mm (2") High Density foam standard with removable washable canvas cover.
Cover: 1000D PVC.

Tan flysheet and Grey tent with black trim. Tan mattress cover.

Extruded aluminium
Stainless steel

Product Dimensions (excl. Ladder):
Open Dimensions:
2500mm (134") L x 1300mm (53") W x 1400mm (55") H

Closed Dimensions:
1250mm (49") L x 1300mm (53") W x 200mm (7.87") H/ 300mm (12") H incl. ladder

Closed Dimensions:
1150mm (45.3") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H

Open Dimensions:
2055mm (80.9") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H

Cover Dimensions:
1255mm (49.4") L x 1355mm (53.3") W x 310mm (12.2") H

Total weight of all components:
43kg (93lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

What are the exact dimensions of the mattress?
Question by Roger
The mattress that comes with the Front Runner Roof Top Tent is 1219mm /48" (W) x 1955mm /77" (L) x 63.5mm/ 2.5'" (H).
Answer by Front Runner
Are there screened openings on the ceiling of the tent?
Question by Brianna
The Front Runner Roof Top Tent (TENT031) does have a ventilated opening on the ceiling! Prefect for stargazing when the rain fly is off!
Answer by Front Runner
I have just ordered your in-bed load bars for my Tacoma. Will this Roof Top Tent "hang out" over any of the sides of the truck when closed-up?
Question by thatch
No answers yet. Be the first to answer the question!
How does the Roof Top Tent fit with the 1/2 and 1/4 roof rack kits?
Question by Pearson
No answers yet. Be the first to answer the question!
Is the mattress for the Roof Top Tent memory foam? What is its thickness?
Question by Hugh Smitham
The roof top tent mattress is constructed of a 2" thick, 1.8lb Polyurethane high-density foam with R55 ILD (initial load deflection). Not memory foam, technically, but most companies that claim to use memory foam are actually using a simple polyurethane as memory foam is very dense and heavy.
Answer by Front Runner
Do you make an annex room that attaches to the tent?
Question by Steve
We do! Check out Product Code TENT032.
Answer by Front Runner
Can I pack it up with my bedding stowed inside the tent?
Question by Tyrone Pottle
You can usually stow two thin sleeping bags and two thin pillows inside the tent. It largely depends on the size of each. The more you have, the harder it will be to close.
Answer by Front Runner
With the tent on the car, can you run the car through a car wash? Do you have to take the tent off any time you want to get the car washed?
Question by Dawn
A car wash will be okay If it is a hand-wash only and mimics the action of spraying it with a standard hose. We recommend avoiding heavy automated equipment that touches the vehicle and tent as well as over-saturation of the zipper area with any pressurized water jets.
Answer by Front Runner
Would this work on a 2013 Hyundai Tucson Limited? The roof rack/cross bars have a sticker which says 'Weight limit 220lbs (100kg)".
Question by Dawn
If the load rating is only for to the load bars, and you find that the side rails are rated for more than that, you should consider upgrading to our Load Bar kit with Grab-On Foot. Our load bars will safely support a tent and people as long as your factory side rails are rated for the total load.
Answer by Front Runner
Would there be any problems attaching this tent to an ADARAC Truck Bed Rack System?
Question by John L
There should not be any problems mounting the tent to square crossbars like the ones used in the ADARAC system. Because we don't know the dimensions of the crossbars, we can not guarantee that the included hardware will reach around them. The only things you might need are longer M8 bolts and/or longer clamping plates for the bottom, all of which can typically be found at a hardware store.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 2016 Z71 Chevy Colorado with the 6 Ft bed, and I was wondering if i could put a Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit on it, and then attach this roof top tent to the rack.
Question by Matt
You can absolutely mount the roof top tent on the load bed rack kit.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this work with a 2014 Jeep Patriot? And if not, is it easy to replace the factory crossbars on my own?
Question by Justin
In order for the tent to work with your vehicle, you would need the Front Runner track and feet system. Please feel free to give us a call and we can get you set up.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi. I was wondering if this is compatible with my 2017 Kia Soul. It came with crossbars.
Question by Char
Because the factory crossbars have a low weight load, we recommend using the Front Runner load bars or roof rack for safe transport and use of the tent.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this tent mount to your typical cross bars on a Subaru or do you have to purchase separate cross bars to match the tents mounts?
Question by Sean I.
Because factory cross bars generally have a low load capacity, we recommend purchasing either our load bars or roof rack in order to transport and use the tent safely.
Answer by Front Runner
Is this a 4 season tent?
Question by John Lin
Yes! This is considered a 4 season tent but we do recommend seeking shelter during a blizzard!
Answer by Front Runner
I don't see a picture of this when closed. Is it a hard shell or soft shell cover?
Question by TJ
The tent has a soft, yet very durable, canvas-type cover. When the tent folds over, the hard shell bottom of the tent sandwiches the interior parts of the tent and then the cover goes over that and the ladder.
Answer by Front Runner
Hello just wanted to know if this will fit on a 1998 jeep grand cherokee?
Question by eric
As long as you have the proper mounting system for the tent, like our Slimline II rack, it will fit.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 07 Xterra with Yakima cross bars, will it fit?
Question by Mike
It all depends on the spacing of your bars. The tracks of the tent go parallel with the vehicle and are 53 inches long. So, as long as your bars are roughly 50 inches apart, or less, you should be fine. The tent comes with universal mounting plates.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this fit a 2016 jeep renegade
Question by Stephen
Yes! As long as you have the Slimline II rack for your Jeep Renegade then the tent will fit.
Answer by Front Runner
Does the tent come with a ladder, cover, and mounting hardware?
Question by Robert
Absolutely! The ladder, cover, and universal mounting hardware are all included with our Roof Top Tent. You supply the adventure.
Answer by Front Runner
Howdy! Will this work for a 2002 Z71 Chevy Suburban? If so, what modifications will I need to make? Thank you. Regan
Question by Regan
Absolutely! You will need to mount the tent to your roof and in order to do that you need either our Load Bars or Roof Rack. To have those mounted you'll need give us a call for more details because there are some minor modifications needed to make it work on the Suburban.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 2009 Nissan Xterra. I know the stock roof rack will take the weight, but will the tent attach directly to those stock bars? Or will I need to purchase additional equipment to attach the tent?
Question by Travis Smith
Hi, Travis. The dimensions of the stock rack will not work to install the tent. You could install a Front Runner Rack or Front Runner Load Bars to make it work.
Answer by Front Runner
What are the shipping dimensions of the box containing the tent?
Question by Charles Johnson
The Shipping Dimensions are:

Depth 350mm / 13.78 inches
Length 1360mm / 53.54 inches
Width 1240mm / 49 inches
Weight 60.50 KG / 133.5 lbs
Answer by Front Runner
can tent be installed directly to roll bars on 4dr jeep that has no top on it?
Question by Richard
Hi, Richard! You will need a roof rack to mount the tent to your Jeep. It cannot be mounted directly to the roll bars. Thank you!
Answer by Front Runner
Would this be able to be installed on Yakima bars for a 4Runner?
Question by KALEB
Yes! Our Roof Top Tent comes with universal mounting hardware that will allow you to mount the RTT to your Yakima Load Bars and many others.
Answer by Front Runner
Can the tent be mounted on a roof rack with your vertical surfboard carrier?
Question by Benn
Unless the rack is so small that your roof top tent will hang over the sides - the mounts will not interfere.

Answer by Front Runner
Will this fit on a 2 door Jeep Wrangler?
Question by Lane
Yes. Like a glove.
Answer by Front Runner
If I purchase the front runner load bars KRTT001and this tent will I need extra hardware to install this rtt?
Question by Rodrigo Castro
You can use the brackets that ship with the tent with our Load Bars. Our tent mount feet are primarily for use with our roof racks.
Answer by Front Runner
I am wondering if this roof tent would be appropriate for a honda accord, provided that there were roof bars?
Question by Haley
As long as the brackets supplied with the tent (see the long description for details) work with your load bars, mounting this tent to the Accord shouldn't be a problem.
Answer by Front Runner
How do y'all ship this product? Is this shipped through FedEx or UPS or is this a special lift gate delivery?
Question by Cody
Because of the size the Roof Top Tents (TENT031) are shipped by freight. If you have someone to help you lift the tent out of the truck you will not need to pay the additional fee for lift gate service.
Answer by Front Runner
what size is the mattress, what linen size is recommended ?
Question by tim
The mattress size measures 2.1m (L) x 1225 cm (W). Normally you will use ¾ linen or two single sleeping bags.
Answer by Front Runner
Do you have a bigger rtt
Question by Sean Bowen
We currently only sell 1 size 2 person Roof Top Tent. Our tent is comparatively lightweight, low profile and easy to lift on and off. The bigger tents become a hassle to handle. If your vehicle is large enough, we would suggest using 2 tents.
Answer by Front Runner
Interested to know if the Unit can be fitted to a Chevy UTE, onto the Canopy ? What if any other hardware would be needed.
Question by Herbie
The tent can be fitted. A Canopy Load Bar kit will be needed so that the tent can be mounted onto the canopy (KRCA007).
Answer by Front Runner
What wind speeds is this tent rated for?
Question by Will
Hi - We don't have that rating. It's a strong tent though - but when it hits category 1 hurricane gusts, we recommend packing up the tent (and the rest of the campsite) and sleeping in your truck!
Answer by Front Runner
Can i mount this on my stock 4runner rails
Question by austin c pearson
It may fit on the stock rails, see the product description for the size rails it fits, but we do not recommend it as the stock factory rails may not be strong enough. If you are interested in a Front Runner Roof Rack or set of Load Bars for your 4runner please feel free to contact us -- we have some great 4Runner solutions.
Answer by Front Runner
I'd like to install this tent on top of the bed rails of my 3/4 ton pick up, not on top of the cab. It would open towards the tailgate. Are the channels that come with this tent long enough to span across the bed?
Question by Marc
The rails of the Roof Top Tent are not long enough to span across your bed. Sounds like you will need a set of Front Runner Load Bars. Contact us anytime and we can help you out.
Answer by Front Runner
How long does it take to fold away and get the cover on.
Question by John
The average person should be able to do it in 5 to 10 minutes.
Answer by Front Runner
add on to my last question.. if i were to remove the mattress would that effectively lower the closed profile? or would the poles/hardware still maintain the height? thinking i could just use an inflatable mattress thank you
Removing the mattress would only lower one side of the tent. The hinge of the tent will not lower any less than the thickness of the hinge, which is 8 inches total.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a very limited amount of height left in my garage (10.5 inches from bed of Slimline II rack to garage hardware).. i am having a hard time discerning the exact height(when closed) of your tent.. the info says your tent is 7.87 inches without ladder.. is it exactly 11" with ladder? can ladder be removed(easily) to lower closed profile? do you still offer the featherlite? seems that info online states it was even slimmer.. any advice is greatly appreciated, been having a hard time outfitting the tent on my D-110
Our tent is almost exactly 12 inches thick with the ladder installed. Removing the ladder would make the tent about 8-8.5 inches, depending on if you remove the brackets holding the ladder on as well.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this work on a Tacoma bed rack?
Question by Bryan
Yes, The roof top tent works with the Tacoma bed rack. We suggest purchasing the tent mount brackets product number ( TBMK001) .
Answer by Front Runner
Do you know what zippers are on the tent YKK? Also can you open the side window screens? Thanks in advance
Question by Eric Waite
Yes. Our Roof Top Tents have YKK zippers and you can open the screens of both side windows.
Answer by Front Runner
Does this tent come with the necessary hardware and ladder?
Question by Jeff
Yes. Our Roof Top Tent will come with a ladder and universal hardware that can mount to most applications. If you have our Slimline II rack system, you will need to use one of our tent mounting kits for proper operation of the tent.

Tent Mount Kit -
Answer by Front Runner
Can you put 2 rooftop tents on a 4dr Jeep Wrangler?
Question by Hansie van Dyk
Unfortunately the Roof Top Tents are 1300mm, so 2 of them would not fit on the rack. We do a great Flip Pop Tent (TENT45) that is a ground tent with no assembly required which is a good alternative 2nd tent.
Answer by Front Runner
How difficult is this tent to take on and off of the Frontrunner roof rack? I am almost certain we will not be able to park our SUV in our garage with the rack & tent on top. Is it something we can take on & off for weekend trips?
Question by Fred
Yes, with the help of one extra person you can take this tent off in under 10 minutes. Our Tent Mount Kits also make it easier with the slight elevation they give between the rack and tent. Those are part number: TBMK001 TBMK004.
Answer by Front Runner
It looks like the ladder is the only thing holding half the weight of the tent when open. What is the weight capacity when the tent is open?
Question by Kyle
Yes and no, Kyle. The tent base is rated at 600 pounds, while the ladder is rated for 900 pounds. The base of the tent is designed to disperse the weight evenly. In other words, when you unfold the tent it won't swing down to the side of your vehicle. Instead, it will only unfold to its flat base position.
Answer by Front Runner
How much weight can the roof top tent hold?
Question by Lauren
Good question Lauren! Our Roof Top Tent and our Roof Rack are both rated to withstand 600 pounds. The ladder attached to our tent is rated to withstand 900 pounds.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, I'm looking for a canopy for my VW Amarok pickup, what weight should it carry to mount this kind of tent? What kind of solution would you suggest for canopy? Do I need to buy a rack? Thank you.
Question by Max
You can mount a roof top tent on either a rack or load bars. We like to recommend our rack as it allows for storing more than just a roof top tent. A spade, light etc. These all come in handy when camping.
Answer by Front Runner
The rain fly has bars that fit in pockets on the tent. Do you have to take the bars out of the pockets before saving the tent? Thanks
Question by Bonnie Simon
The tent is designed for having all it components on and in it when folding it up for storage. The only exception being the smaller poles that keep the Rain Fly taut, those can be tossed inside the tent when folding it up.
Answer by Front Runner
Does this tent hold up in winter weather? Is it a true four season tent?
Question by Randi Hawkins
Our Roof Top tent is a all season tent and can be used in all weather conditions. For snowy conditions, you may find yourself needing to remove excess snow off the roof of the tent, but that's pretty much it.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a landrover discovery and would like the tent to open length ways on the roof rack. Does the tent have a door at each end or can you only access from the section you fold open. Thanks.
Question by Yann
Yes. Both sides of our roof top tent have doors that can be used to enter and exit the tent.

Answer by Front Runner
We have a 2010 FJ Cruiser, can the Featherlite be mounted to the OEM roof rack without any extra mods.
Question by Bonnie Simon
Our Roof Top Tent can be mounted to any cross-members up to 49" apart. You would need to measure the distance between these cross-members on your factory rack, if they are 49" apart or less, you shouldn't have any issues mounting our tent on your factory roof rack.
Answer by Front Runner
Do the roof tent ship free like your roof racks? if not can we pick up from your shop?
Question by Steve
No. Unfortunately, our Roof Top tent does not qualify for free shipping like our rack systems. You can calculate the shipping costs directly from our website anytime. You can also contact us anytime at 818-253-1322 for a quote over the phone.
Answer by Front Runner
Does the standard mounting hardware that is supplied allow mounting to a standard Ford Ranger pick-up's lumber rack (opening over the tail-gate) and if so how easy is it to remove for normal lumber rack construction use?
Question by Steve
Hey Steve,

It's hard to say without seeing the rack system on your vehicle. Send some photos to so we can look further into fitment for your vehicle.
Answer by Front Runner
Is the roofto tent a 3 season or 4 season rated tent?
Question by Kent
We consider our tent to be a 3 season tent, but we have had many customers use our tents in harsh, colder climates without any issues.

Let us know if we can assist you in anyway.
Answer by Front Runner
Is it accurate to assume this product does not come with a cover? Seems odd, as you would not be able to travel down the road without the cover. I dont see it listed in the specs and it is offered as an optional separate purchase.
Question by Matt
Sorry for any confusion, the tent absolutely comes with the cover. We offer them separate as a replacement in case yours is lost or damaged. Thank you!
Answer by Front Runner
Does this tent fit on the AEV rack?
Question by Matt vereb
The tent mounts are universal, but special hardware or modifications may be needed to adapt to another manufacturers roof rack. Thank you
Answer by Front Runner
Trying to figure out whether I need to buy an aftermarket roof rack. What is the recommended weight capacity of the rails that the tent will mount to? I could see it being either the total weight of the tent (90 lbs) because that is the only thing that will be on the roof when the car is in motion. Or it could be the estimated weight of the tent plus the people who are going to use it (total weight of tent + 2 people).
Question by Harry
Our rack systems have a 660 lb. static weight capacity but we typically only recommend having a dynamic load capacity of 300 lb. or less. We recommend contacting the manufacture and inquiring your vehicle roof rack dynamic and static weight capacity are.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 2007 Toyota Sienna minivan. Do I need any accessories to mount the tent to the factory rack?
Question by Harry

Our tent will come with hardware that is universal, and should work to mount to your vehicles factory cross members. We recommend looking into the weight capacity of your factory rails to make sure you are safely within the specification of your vehicle.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner
What are the dimensions of the tent when folded up? Also are there any pictures of it folded and attached to a vehicle?
Question by William

The closed dimensions of the tent are 53" x 48" x 11". We have photos but cannot attach them here. Email me at and I can send you photos of the tent closed.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner
so you say The mattress is 4' x 6.3'. is that the overall size of the sleeping area or is that just the size of the mattress?
Question by Jeff

The surface of the tent when folded in the open position is 4.3' W x 7.9' L.

Answer by Front Runner
Will this tent mount on the ARB touring rack (3800200)?
Question by Patrick

Yes. Our tent will mount to your ARB Touring (3800200) Roof Rack. All the mounting hardware needed will be provided with the tent.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner
Will this tent work if a full perimeter frontrunner rail kit is installed on the slimline 2 roof rack?
Question by Anthony
Unfortunately no, one side of the rack (or at least the length of the tent) will need to be flat for the tent to open up. Thank you
Answer by Front Runner

I have a Tracklander 4WD roofrack with enclosed sides (see website for exact type/design

Is it possible to mount the Featherlite tent to the raised bars of the roofrack? I've had a firm 'no' from my 4x4 shop but then found a photo on a brochure for Featherlite that clearly shows it mounted to a similar style roofrack. Only difference between mine and the install photo was the rear had no side. I can email this brochure through if it helps.

Question by Chris Parker
Mounting our tent to a rack designed like this is possible. The mounting tracks of our tent are 51" in total and the specifications of the rack with you provided are about 47". This should work but I do recommend placing some sort of spacers under the platform of the tent since the mounting locations are so far part.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a slimline ii for a Land Rover discovery. Is it possible to mount two tents to the roof rack?
Question by Jon
The full length Slimline II rack for your vehicle is 77.32"(L) and our roof top tent is about 48". Mounting two roof top tents would cause a large overhang and we do not recommend mounting two Roof Top Tents on your vehicle.
Answer by Front Runner
Was looking at the info, does the tent cover come with it? The one that goes over it while driving
Question by Robert Walls
Yes. The waterproof tent cover is included with the tent.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 2010 Toyota Matrix. Would the tent fit on this?
Question by Nancy

The tent can be mounted to any vehicle as long as the vehicle has some sort of factory roof rails and cross bar system to handle the weight on the top of your vehicle.

Answer by Front Runner
will this fit on a 1967 Chevy pickup truck
Question by tim

Are you planning to mount the tent above the cab or on the truck bed? Do you have any pictures of your truck you can email to us a We would like to see where you intend to mount our roof top tent.

Answer by Front Runner
What are the dimensions for the sleeping footprint?
Question by Antonio
The mattress is 4' x 6.3'.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, does the ladder fold with the tent?
Question by Reynaldo Mesa
Yes it does, it slides up in half and then rests on top of the tent under the cover when not in use. The ladder stays bolted to the tent for easy use.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a KargoMaster Congo Cage for a Jeep Wrangled Unlimited. What do I need to mount your tent on it; just your mounting kit?
Question by Robert Neely

The tent actually comes with hardware to mount on your rack system. You wouldn't need to purchase any additional mounting system.

Answer by Front Runner
Can I mount this to a Gobi rack? If so, what mounting system is needed? Thanks.
Question by Ed
Yes our Roof Top Tent can mount to your Gobi Rack. The tent will come with the hardware needed to fit it properly.
Answer by Front Runner
How dark does the inside of the tent stay with all windows and doors closed (for sleeping in in the morning)
Question by brett
Hi Brett-
There are window covers that zip closed over the netting, so my answer would be "pretty dark". Or at least as dark as most tents that close up completely. Hope this is helpful.
Answer by Front Runner
Will it fit on a 2003 Chevy Suburban?
Question by Huero
Technically the tent is a universal fit, but you will need something strong enough to mount to. Unfortunately a lot of the factory roof rails are very thin or plastic and may not hold up to the load. You are welcome to call or email us to discuss a custom rack option for your vehicle. Thank you
Answer by Front Runner
do you have a 'vestibule' extension option for the featherlite?
Question by Jason
Answer by Front Runner
Will a stock 2010 Nissan Xterra roof rack be sufficient to support the tent? In addition to the stock rails and crossbars, I have Yakima towers and cross-rails.
Question by Jon
It is difficult to say, you will need to check the roof load rating from Nissan (may be listed in the door jamb) and also the load rating for the Yakima bars. Our tent is one of the lightest on the market so hopefully they are compatible.
Answer by Front Runner
Will it mount to the stock OEM Toyota FJ Cruiser roof rack and open off the back with room for the rear door to open? And will the shower skirt attach and work properly in that configuration?
Question by Shadow
The tent needs to be mounted to a flat surface or cross bars that are the same height as each other, the stock FJ bars are definitely not the best platform for mounting a tent unfortunately. Not sure of the exact distance the door swings out, but I do not think you can mount the tent far enough back (even with our rack) to clear the door.
Answer by Front Runner
This product looks remarkably similar to the Gordigear Explorer. What are the advantages of Frontrunner Feather Light, other than cost?
Question by rubicon 2012
I suppose most roof top tents look similar, but we feel the model you mentioned is very different than ours. While I do not know the specifications of every tent on the market, ours generally is much lighter and thinner than our competitors. There are many other small design features that are different, but the main points to consider with our tent are cost, weight, and height. Thank you.
Answer by Front Runner
Where is the tent made please?
Question by Jan
The tent was designed in Australia and South Africa and is manufactured in China.
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Front runner rooftop tent Review by Ryan E.
I’ve had the front runner roof top tent for over two years now and use it quite frequently and it is held up well it is comfortable to sleep in cold weather or hot weather very happy with this purchase only wish they made a larger tent since the family is growing (Posted on 11/15/2017)
Roof top tent Review by Imerio
3000 miles and a lot of rain and snow later I can say that this is a good product. I am happy with my decision. Front Runner team is very nice and ready. When you have to buy outdoor gears it's always a good thing to be able to talk with a real person and not just a computer. Good job guys (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Camped like a King. Review by Harold
I bought this Roof Top tent not to long ago and it's great! It's super easy to fold out and put together and despite the narrow seeming measurements -- Two people fit easily. My wife and I sleep very well in it. The foam mattress is a big step up from the air mattress we used to use. I don't have a front runner roof rack, but it mounted seamlessly on my shall remain unnamed competitor rack. (Posted on 8/26/2015)

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