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Nobody likes to be stuck in the dark, and although star gazing without any light pollution is magnificent, you still want to be able to see whether you are adding salt or sugar to your coffee. So…shine some light on the situation on your next overlanding trip with Front Runner lighting solutions.

At Front Runner, we offer a wide range of lighting accessories including LED light strips, roof rack lights, work lights, and all the additional accessories, like wiring harnesses and mounts.

Choose from LED Light Bars, LED Floodlights, and Telescopic Camp Lights covering all your bases while you are camping in the middle of nowhere, and the best part is that they require minimal wattage. Install an LED light bar roof rack mount or take on the night trials with the 4” LED Light Square mounted in a durable bracket attached to your roof rack.

Be assured that every mounting bracket is manufactured from the same premium materials as our roof racks and that our off-road LED light bars and other lighting accessories are all of the highest quality.