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Solar Battery Charger / 5 Watt - by Noco

Solar Battery Charger / 5 Watt - by Noco

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Product Code: SOL006

A 5 Watt Solar Battery Charger for keeping 12-volt batteries fully charged and maintained through solar power. It provides up to 410mA charging current to counteract parasitic drain of most vehicles, such as, cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, lawn mowers and more. Its ultra-low profile design makes it simple and easy to install, and completely weatherproof for outdoor use (rated at IP65). And safely charges wet cell, gel cell, AGM, enhanced flooded battery or any maintenance-free battery. Easily leave your automotive or marine battery connected while you're parked or on vacation so that it's charged when you return.

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  • Waterproof - Weather resistant and great for outdoor use. Rated at IP65, the clamshell panels are designed specifically to keep water out.
  • UV Resistant - Engineered to take the abuse of the sun through the use of color stabilization and UV inhibitors.
  • Thin Film Technology - Works well in low-light, cloudy, and overcast conditions. Its amorphous cells capture the energy of the sun indirectly.
  • Black Current Protection - Protects the battery from accidental back current drain at night. It recognizes and prevents energy reversal.
  • Accessorize for every need - Battery Life kits include accessories for charging through the 12V port and by clamping directly to the battery.
  • Extremely Versatile - Charges even under the weather. mnBattery Life uses amorphous technology, meaning that the cells charge in artificial light and cloudy weather. Great for use in predominantly rainy regions, Noco’s 5 water solar charger also keeps your boat battery fully charged in coastal stormy weather.
  • Powerful but safe - Battery Life maintains your boat or automotive battery with enough power to fully charge your battery but not too much to damage your battery. If you're concerned with overcharge or reverse polarity damage.
Consists of:
1 x BLSOLAR5 Solar Battery Charger

Product Dimensions:
348mm (13.7") L x 348mm (13.7") W x 17mm (0.67") H

1.2kg (2.65lbs)

Technical Specifications:
Wattage: 5 Watts (Max)
Types of Batteries: Suitable for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery or any Maintenance-Free Battery
Technology: Thin Film Amorphous
IP Protection: IP65
DC Cord Length: 96 Inches

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

Will this keep my second battery charged while my ARB fridge is on? or is the 9w portable solar charger a better option? or what do you have in stock that will best fit my application??
Question by OJ
Hi! Most solar chargers are not enough to continually power an appliance while in use. They are more suited as a trickle charger to keep a 12 volt lead-acid battery charged while not in use. You could potentially have a dual battery system so your appliance needs will be met by one and your vehicle for the other.
Answer by Front Runner

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