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How often have you set up your campsite, unrolled the awning, and discovered that the shade you had mid morning, is gone mid afternoon? That’s why Front Runner created the movable awning arm. It swings out, holding the awning, giving more precise control over blocking the sun.

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  • This Front Runner Slimline II Rack accessory allows you to move a Front Runner Easy-Out Awning as the sun changes position -- providing the maximum amount of shade at all times during the day.
  • The arm can be fitted to either the left or right rear corner of a Front Runner Slimline II Rack.*
  • Compatible with the 1.4m, 2m, or 2.5m sized Front Runner Easy-Out Awnings.
  • The awning can be positioned and opened at any angle between the side and the rear of the vehicle and secured using supplied guy-lines.
  • The movable arm has two (2) locking pins to allow securing the arm in windy weather to either the side of the vehicle to the rear.
  • Easy-Out Awnings mount directly to the arm.
  • Compatible with other retractable awnings brands, but drilling may be required to mount the awning track.

*NOTE: This awning arm only works on racks 1358mm (53.5") L x 1255mm (49.4") W and larger. It will not work when Expedition Rails are installed in the same location as the Moveable Awning Arm.

Consists of:
Movable awning arm
Installation hardware

Materials used:
Black powder-coated 3CR12 stainless steel

Product Dimensions:
1234mm (48.6") L x 356mm (14") W x 120mm (4.7") H

11.26kg (24.8lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

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Product Questions
The length will work with the crosstrek slimline rack but the width will not, per the specs, has this been tested. Would want to fit to cross trek rack and do not see a reason the width would be an issue, last locking pin perhaps?
Question by: garry
Hi Garry! The movable awning arm does not work with Slimline racks that are 1165mm in length of width becuase the latching points were not designed for this particular rack and will not latch.
Answer by: Front Runner
will this arm work only with frontrunner racks?
Question by: Tony
Hi! The Movable Awning Arm (RRAC080) was designed specifically to mount to the corner/side profile of the Slimline II Rack. So, yes, this arm only works with our rack- which is okay since it's the best one!
Answer by: Front Runner
I just installed a Slimline II 1.4m roof rack on my 2010 4Runner Trail Edition. I installed the Slimline upside. Question is, will the Movable Awning Arm easily attach to an upside down Slimline II rack. Thanks.
Question by: Rey
The Movable Awning Arm (RRAC080) could be mounted upside down. The pins will be harder to access to locking the arm in place. But your awning can still be mounted in the correct orientation.
Answer by: Front Runner
Regarding the question below.... That means you can't have the awning open over the back of the car with the tailgate open, defeats the purpose of having one? Is that correct?
Question by: Will
If you want an awning off the back of your vehicle with a tailgate that opens upright, this may be your only option, as you can easily move the awning out of the way to open the tailgate.
Answer by: Front Runner
Does this fit the Land Rover discovery 3/4 since the rear tail gate swings up
Question by: Will mcnamara
It will fit on the Discovery, but you will have to move the arm when opening the rear door.
Answer by: Front Runner
Will this fit the 1.4 awning as well? Thanks!
Question by: Sean Wise
Yes. The 1.4 meter Awning will fit the Movable Awning Arm (RRAC080).
Answer by: Front Runner
Can you attach any roof rack awning or specifically for all frontrunner awnings?
Question by: Joe
Our mounting system works with most awnings. See the details in specs. If you get stuck, call us so we can see what you're working with and how we can help you.
Answer by: Front Runner
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