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12V Auxiliary Battery Box
12V Auxiliary Battery Box
12V Auxiliary Battery Box
12V Auxiliary Battery Box
12V Auxiliary Battery Box
12V Auxiliary Battery Box

12V Auxiliary Battery Box

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The 12V Auxiliary Battery Box is a universal box that can be customized to suit the individual’s needs. Additional output ports can be added as required. This product is not a dual battery system and additional systems might be required.

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  • If your engine compartment lacks space for a 2nd battery, this 12V Auxiliary Battery Box is a convenient and versatile option to safely house the additional battery.
  • A secondary battery can be used to power a fridge, auxiliary lights or other equipment that runs off 12V.
  • The Auxiliary Battery Box is supplied with a built-in and easy to read digital Volt meter to monitor the battery voltage.
  • Includes 2 USB charge points, 2 DC Sockets (1 x Hella and 1 x Cigar), 2 50A Grey coupler plugs as well as 4 spare pre-wired output ports to optimise you battery box. 
  • Features a charger port that accepts the following charging units: DCC Pro In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger, D250S Dual Battery Charger and DIY Split Charge System Kit.
  • Extra socket panel inserts are available such as USB Socket Panel Insert, Merit Socket Panel Insert, Engel Socket Panel Insert and 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet Panel Insert. (sold separately) Gauge and Socket Kit / 6 Units.
  • The Power Box accepts various battery sizes up to 105A and has an adjustable clamp to keep the battery secure inside the box.
  • Can be mounted with a ratchet strap or Stratchits.

*NOTE: No cabling or connectors are supplied with this product. It is recommended that a qualified auto electrician handle all wiring requirements.