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Please Note: Due to the introduction of BREXIT, the delivery of your Freight and UPS Ground orders may be delayed.

Due to the security and health restrictions by carriers across Europe please check prior to placing your order if a delivery to your address is possible. The following websites contain regional information by our carriers:

Also, please note: If you are not at home and a delivery is being returned due to the current situation of no repeated attempts, we will have to charge you for re-sending your shipment.



Q: Can I still buy all Front Runner products?
A: Yes, no products are being prohibited from import.
Q: How does customs clearance work?
A: Customs clearance will be done by the carrier service and the duties will be collected from the customer.
Q: Free shipping on rack kits & 2 x chairs still available?
A: Yes, until further notice this remains active, however, duties may still apply.
Q: Will there be import duties to be paid when ordering from you?

A: Yes, depending on the total value of your order, import duties and customs will be charged. Read the following for more info on values:

To check the duty amounts please visit:
(Select “Germany” as country of origin and “United Kingdom” as country of destination)

Q: How do I pay import duties?
A: The import duties will be raised and paid to the carrier service (e.g. UPS or DACHSER).
Q: Will there be higher shipping costs?
A: For the time being, shipping cost will remain the same. Please note that the website prices are always directly calculated by the carrier. Front Runner has no influence on these prices.
Q: Does shipping now take longer?
A: Yes, the shipping will take longer due to the customs clearance process and the additional time that is required to process the documentation.
Q: UK return policy after BREXIT?
A: Will be as it was before. Please note: Your customs and duties you paid cannot be refunded as this is paid directly to the UK customs agencies.
Q: Warranty / returns after BREXIT?
A: Will be as it was before.
Q: How will the shipping to Ireland be affected?
A: This depends on which part of Ireland you are in. As Northern Ireland is part of the UK it will be affected by duties and delays. The Republic of Ireland does still belong to the EU. Delays are to be expected in the beginning but otherwise the processes remain the same.