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This 41l (10.8gal) water tank has two cut-outs to allow fitment to a wider range of vehicles, including even the smaller 4WD wagons and most double cabs utility vehicles.

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This water tank has cutouts that fit over the wheel arches on the inside of most wagons or in the tray of most double cab utility vehicles.
The tank is easily secured through the round securing cutouts by using either ratchet straps or metal straps (not included) to tie it down.
The fact that it is of such a slim design reduces the water sloshing noise and allows it to utilise space that would usually go to waste.
41l capacity.
Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.

This tank has plastic pipe fittings.
The Water Tank Hose Kit for this water tank is sold seperately.
Material used:
Tank: BPA-free polyethylene
Fittings: Plastic
41l (10.8gal)
Product Dimensions:
W 1350mm (53.2") x H 630mm (24.8") x D 80mm (3.15")
8.46kg (18.7lbs)

Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
Can this tank fit in Toyota Fj 2014?
Question by: Ahmed
We designed this tank for Pickups Trucks, but the tank can fit in some SUV’s. We haven’t tried one in an FJ Cruiser yet. The issue comes in when mounting the tank. In Pickups Trucks, we can drill and mount brackets against the load bin, but in an SUV there are more limitations to mounting this specific tank.
Answer by: Front Runner
Planning on putting this in the bed of my tacoma in front of a four wheel camper. I need shower/extra water for long Baja trips. Do you have plans to be able to pressurize this tank so it is not relying on gravity?
Question by: Bryan Meyer
Hi - We don't have any plans to offer pressurized tanks. We do recommend using pumps with our tanks if you'd like more pressure than gravity has to offer.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can this tank handle heated water? I want to run the water through a heat exchanger and then back into the tank to have heated water. Thank you.
Question by: Matt
We do not recommend filling our tanks with hot/boiling water. The water would not stay warm for long as the tanks were designed to hold moderate temperature water.
Answer by: Front Runner
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