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Please note that Front Runner sales and promotion discounts only apply to the period of time when the sale or promotion is live. Front Runner will not carry over any of these discounts for orders placed outside of the set sale dates.


From time to time our pricing may change due to business cost factors. Once a price adjustment goes into effect, we are unable to provide any customer refunds should a product be priced lower than what it was originally purchased for.

All Front Runner products ordered from us ship from our South Africa warehouse.

When shopping with us online Sunday - Thursday, your order will leave our warehouse within 24 hours . If you order before 12 noon local time, M-F, your orders will ship the same day. Orders placed online Friday afternoon through Saturday, will ship the following Monday. We do take major holidays off - and hopefully you do too!

Our inventory is live. If you can buy it, we have it in stock. If an item says out of stock: it's out of stock. Please contact us and we can let you know when we expect that item in.

Immediately after you place an order you will get an order confirmation email. Your shipping information and tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped.

We may ship some orders using Freight.

Immediately after you place an order you will get an order confirmation email.

Your freight tracking information and your carrier’s contact info will only be emailed to you once your order has shipped.


It happens. While our packaging is designed to keep your gear safe on it’s journey to you, every once in a while there’s an accident - a forklift mishap, or a pallet tipped, or a delivery driver having a bad day (you’ve probably seen those YouTube videos!). If this happens to one of your packages, don’t worry, we’ll make it right.

Please CONTACT US immediately.

If the damage is bad and it is obvious the products inside the package are damaged, don’t even sign for the item and refuse the delivery. If you notice there is damage to the shipping container but are not sure if the products inside are ok sign for the package and MAKE NOTE OF THE PACKAGING DAMAGE on the slip. Do NOT accept delivery without WRITING DOWN THE DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE on the delivery form first! Shipping companies will not satisfy an insurance claim without the damage noted by the customer.