7" LED Light Bar SX180-SP / 12V/24V / Spot Beam - by Osram

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Driving in a poorly lit area? The LEDriving Lightbar SX180-SP's bright light is essential on unlit streets and dirt roads. It lets drivers identify obstacles on the road far in advance.

7" LED Light Bar SX180-SP / 12V/24V / Spot Beam - by Osram is available to buy in increments of 1
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  • Built off-road
  • Designed
  • The 6 high-performance LEDs delivers 1300 lumen and 6000 Kelvin.
  • With an illuminance of one lux at an angle of 8 degrees, these LEDs reaches 190m ensuring obstacles are visible far in advance.
  • The intelligent reflector design diverts the light from the LEDs so that oncoming traffic is only indirectly exposed to the light and reduces glare.
  • To complement is use, the LED auxiliary light is equipped with a robust polycarbonate lens.
  • The integrated driver and thermal management system, measures and regulates the temperature of the LED, preventing damage caused by overheating and aids in the to the longevity of is lifespan.
  • Over and under voltage protection automatically breaks the circuit when powder exceeds a set amount for a specified amount of time.
  • They work whether the air temperature is a very cold -30 or a hot 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The 12V/24V LED lightbar is versatile in application and is not limited to automotive use only.
  • Secures to your Front Runner Roof Rack with 7" & 14" LED OSRAM Light Bar SX180-SP/SX300-SP Mounting Bracket.
  • Optional LED Light Bar Wire Harness AX 2LS or LED Light Bar Wire Harness AX 1LS are available and sold separately.

Consists of:
1 x Lightbar
1 x Bracket set
1 x Bolt Kit

Product Dimensions:
182mm (7.2") L x 61.5mm (2.4") W x 38mm (1.5") H

Lightbar with supplied brackets:
182mm (7.2") L x 63.5 (2.5") W x 50mm (1.2") H

440g (15.5oz)

Special Notes:
Product type: On-road
Lumens: 1300
Color temperature: 6000 K
Lifespan Tc: 5000 h
Guarantee: 5 years
ECE Reference: 10

Fitting instructions are not available.

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