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- April 08, 2023

Nothing beats being on the road, exploring new places, and having no mobile phone reception. Tapping out from our work life and daily routines is why we spend our hard-earned cash on Front Runner accessories for our vehicles.​

While being on your own in the wilderness is special, sometimes we like to chat with like-minded folk about their overland vehicle set-ups. We also like to find out what is new or cool when it comes to overland gear. The best place to do just that is at an overland or 4x4 show. We chatted with some of our friends from all over the world and here are their six of the best overland shows:​


Adventure Overland Show, England

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Adventure Overland Show, England​

Dates: 15-16 April & 16-17 September 2023​

To overland or not to overland? Some might argue is that even a question. Twice a year Stratford Upon Avon, also known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare, hosts the Adventure Overland Show, in spring and again in autumn. On these two weekends, Shakespeare’s sleepy hamlet comes alive with the sounds of thousands of overland vehicles as they make their way to the town’s racecourse. The Landy Expedition’s Harry Shipton loves the Adventure Overland Show. “Our overland story began here with a standard Defender 110. The impressive overland vehicles inspired us to turn our blank canvas into the complete overlander.” ​

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Abenteuer & Allrad, Germany

Dates: 8-11 June 2023​

This is without a doubt Europe’s finest overland show. This middle-of-the-summer show has the most impressive campsite imaginable which stretches over several fields in the Bavarian village of Bad Kissingen. Some don’t leave the buzzing campsite to attend the top-of-the-hill show as they are having so much fun with their like-minded mates. There was a heatwave during the 2022 event and many of the campers opted for a dip in the nearby river to cool down. ​

You need to take a bus from the campground to get to the show and a day is not enough to see it all at the show as there are hundreds upon hundreds of traders. Journalist Patrick Cruywagen was just blown away by what he saw at Bad Kissingen. “No warning or words can prepare you for this, especially the campsite. Europeans have traditionally liked to travel and explore; it is in their blood. Which is why you will see thousands of overland vehicles of every size and description when walking around the camping fields.”​

Valloire 4x4 Fair, France

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Valloire 4x4 Fair, France

Dates: 23-27 August 2023​

The largest event of this kind in all of France. Its unique and stunning French Alps ski village setting is why you should add it to your must-attend list. Trade stands line the main streets and it is here where exhibitors display their products. Unlike other featured events there is no admission fee. While many stay in nearby hotels or ski chalets there is a “camping in the mountains” option. The fair also has workshops, demos, and tag-along off-road drives.​

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Sydney 4Wd Adventure Show, Australia

Dates: 8-10 September 2023​

When it comes to overlanding and 4x4 opportunities, then Australia has no equal as it has a largely unoccupied interior. When it comes to overland shows in this humongous country, then our favorite is the Sydney 4WD Adventure show which was held at the recently revamped Sydney Dragway. This show is part of a series of 4WD Adventure shows across Australia with the other two being held in Adelaide (27-29 October) and Perth (10-12 November).​

Australian 4x4 know-it-all Dean Mellor gives his view on the event. “I have been lucky enough to drive 4x4s in the most remote places on the planet, but nothing beats the 4WD Adventure show in my home city, a great opportunity to catch up with key players in the industry. I also like to look at some of the impressive 4x4 rigs in the car park.”​


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Overland Expo West and Overland Expo East, USA

Dates: 19-21 May 2023 (Arizona) and 6-8 October (Virginia)​

While the USA is the 4th largest country in the world, it certainly has the biggest overland market and 4x4 community. This is also why it is the only country to have two events on our top six list. Overland Expo host a series of four events around the USA and we think that Overland West held in Flagstaff, Arizona and Overland Expo East held in Arrington, Virginia, certainly deserve inclusion. French 4x4 journalist Jerome Andre was impressed by the enormity of the 2022 Arizona event. “I think this is the biggest overland show in the world, last year it had 28,000 attendees and 406 trade stands. Plus, so many incredible overland rigs.”​

Overland Expo East

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While the Overland Expo West is the biggest event in the series, all four events run a series of educational classes which cover a wide array of topics including optimal packing, recovery demos, how to guide a driver over tough obstacles and many more. If you plan on camping then you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful pine forest setting in Arizona or the green, grassy fields in Virginia.