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A 40l (10.6gal) water tank that is perfect for showers, drinking, and cooking. This slim upright water tank fits inconspicuously behind the rear seat of your vehicle.

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For showers, drinking, and cooking, this slim upright water tank fits inconspicuously behind the rear seat.
The fact that it is of such a slim design reduces the water sloshing noise and allows it to utilise space that would usually go to waste.
40l (10.6gal) capacity.
Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free
This water tank has plastic pipe fitting located at the bottom of the cut-out.
The Water Tank Hose Kit for this water tank is sold seperately.
Material used:
Tank: BPA-free polyethylene
Fittings: Plastic
40l (10.6gal)
Product Dimensions:
W 1260mm (50") x H 550mm (21.7") x L 65mm (2.6")
Cut-out size:
W 60mm (2.4") x H 270mm (10.6") - at one end only
8.46kg (18.65lbs)

Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
Are custom-sized tanks available?
Question by: Paul
Our tanks are designed to fit most vehicle sizes and be universal by design. We do not offer custom sizes.
Answer by: Front Runner
Is the fill cap a standard thread size so a pipe elbow can be substituted in order to mount the tank horizontally on a roof rack and keep the fill cap in a vertical position?
Question by: Rick Azzolini
The cap thread is a BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread. You could also drill a hole in it and secure a number of PVC fittings to it for your application. Keep in mind, mounting the tank horizontally won't provide you the same head pressure as if it were vertical, making it more difficult to dispense water.
Answer by: Front Runner
is there a vent or do you need to take the fill cap off in order to vent it?
Question by: Jerome Theriault
Hi, Jerome. It vents by removing the fill cap.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hello, which size has the thread of the water fill-in fitting? Is the thread an inch normed thread? Thanks. Best Regard, John zum Felde
Question by: John
½” BSP thread.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can you install both the water tank and the front runner drawer system or isnt there enough space?
Question by: Craig
The water tank is designed to sit upright and is often used behind the drawer system. Check the specs for the product measurements and see if they will fit together in your vehicle. Call us if you need any help!
Answer by: Front Runner
How does this tank mount does it come with brackets of some kind
Question by: Mik
No, the tank does not come with any brackets or mounting straps. It’s been designed as a universal water tank that can be adapted to mount in a variety of places. It does come with mounting holes and reinforced sections for strapping and mounting.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can this tank be pressurized?
Question by: Matthew Esposito
It can be pressurized, although this is not a common use and not something that we would recommend.
Answer by: Front Runner
Is it going to fit landcruseir 200 serise 2016 ?
Question by: Sultan
The dimensions of the tank are W 1260mm (50") x H 550mm (21.7") x L 65mm (2.6"). You would have to measure the space behind the second or third row (depending on where you want to fit it) to see if there is enough room to house the tank.
Answer by: Front Runner
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