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Always have shelter from the elements with this Easy-Out Awning / 2m, which mounts to your roof rack. When expanded, this awning measures 2m wide and 2.1m out from the vehicle, making it an ideal size for all medium vehicles.

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  • Built off-road
  • Designed
  • Quick and easy two-person set up, in under 60 seconds.
  • Mounts quickly and easily to the side of your Front Runner Roof Rack for instant sun or rain protection.
  • Water-repellent, UV-resistant awning measures 2m wide and extends 2.1m from mounting extrusion.
  • Lightweight, yet durable, vertical support poles have spikes on the end for secure ground placement and extend to 2.4m maximum height for use with taller vehicles.
  • Telescopic aluminium twist-lock upright and rafter poles as well as aluminium rafters that ensure rigidity.
  • Includes reflective gut ropes with tent stakes for stability in windy conditions.
  • Durable, heavy-duty PVC coated 650g nylon cover protects your awning while stowed and in transit.
  • Universal mounting hardware included. For best mounting results on Front Runner Racks, upgrade to the Quick Release Awning Mount Kit or Easy-Out Awning Brackets.
  • Add additional sun/rain protection to the front or side with Wind/Sun Break for 2M Awning / Front or Wind/Sun Break for 1.4M/2M & 2.5M Awning / Side.
  • Turn any awning into a shelter in minutes by adding the Easy-Out Awning Room / 2M or Easy-Out Awning Mosquito Net / 2M.
  • Folds into the main carry bag which can be left permanently attached to the vehicle.
  • Use the 3 mounting loops to secure the LED Light Strip / 1.2M to illuminate the space under the awning.

Consists of:
1 x Awning with adjustable hortizontal & verticle support poles
1 x Mounting plate with zippered heavy-duty storage bag
2 x Tent stakes
Guy Ropes

Materials used:
Awning: 400d oxford/polyester ripstop, UV-resistant (UVP 50+), PU-coated 1500mm water-repellant
Awning Bag: Heavy-duty 650g PVC-coated nylon

Product Dimensions:
2040mm (80") L x 100mm (4") W x 100mm (4") H

2100mm (82.7") L x 2000mm (78.7") W x 2400mm (94.5") H (Max Height)

12.5kg (27.6lbs)

Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
Does your awning have any coating to offer UV protection?
Question by: Rene L.
Yes. All of our products are specifically designed to withstand the toughest elements.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can this awning mount easily on gobi racks ?
Question by: Anthony
All of our awnings come with universal L-brackets for mounting so as long as Gobi can use that universal solution, you'll be enjoying the shade in no time!
Answer by: Front Runner
Hello I have long roof rails on my Discovery 4, what else would I need to attach this awning to the car?
Question by: Andrew
Our awnings can only fit onto roof racks, and not load bars or OE rails so you would need our rack which look amazing on the Discovery!
Answer by: Front Runner
Will this awning fit the slimline 2 cherokee kl. Also can it be mounted with the awning mounts with a tepui autana and the regular sized tent mounts for the rack
Question by: Aaron Burrell
The Tepui Autana RTT will fit on the Jeep Cherokee KL Roof Rack (KRJC008T) with regular size Tent Mount Kit (TBMK001). As for a Awning the 2m is too big for the Roof Rack and the correct one you will need is the 1.4 Awning (AWNI015). For any other questions please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by: Front Runner
I am about to buy a Slimline II rack for my GX 470. Love your stuff! And primarily I'm going with y'all because you have everything...except four wall enclosures with floors for your Easy-Out Awning. Why not? I wanta buy an awning for each side - cook an sit under one side, and sleep under the other. Any idea whether or not the ARB four wall enclosure with floor might attach/zip up? Thanks, John Baker
Question by: John D Baker
Always happy to hear positive feed back from customers. As for the ARB four wall enclosure with floor we have not tried the product with our 2m Awning (TENT043) and therefore do not know if it can be adapted or not.
Answer by: Front Runner
What is the safest wind speed this awning can be setup in?
Question by: Scott
Sorry - there is no "wind speed" rating for this awning. But there are guy lines and stakes included that should be used in strong winds. If there are extreme storm conditions, we would advise you to roll up the awning, and go find a hotel room! Hope this helps.
Answer by: Front Runner
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