DCC Pro In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger - by Intervolt

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Charge, or maintain, your auxiliary battery from your main battery supply with this In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger. Designed for any vehicle with a 12VDC electrical system.

  • Proven gear and advice
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  • Built off-road
  • Designed
  • Designed to maintain output in harsh conditions under extreme temperatures -20°C / -4°F to +85°C / 185°F.
  • Manages a variety of different battery types according to their specific charging requirements.
  • No modification to the vehicle's original wiring required.
  • Displays the charging status from within the cabin.
  • Suitable for a variety of vehicles.

Consists of:
1 x Charging Device
1 x Remote Display unit
User Manual

Materials used:
Heatsink: E-Coated ADC-3 die cast aluminium
Blue/Dark Grey Plastics: Temperature resistant PC/ABS alloy
Black Plastics: 15% glass reinforced PBT
Transparent Plastics: Temperature resistant PMMA

Product Dimensions:
Charging Device:
112mm (4.4") L x 112mm (4.4") W x 75mm (3") H (including terminal cover)

Remote Display:
60mm (2.4") L x 36mm (1.4") W x 59mm (2.3") H (including mounting bracket)

Charging Device:
690g (24.3oz)

Remote Display:
55g (1.9oz)

Special Notes:
Solar Power – 250 Watts nominal (300 Watts peak)
Continuous Rating – 25 Amps @ 50°C
Float Voltage – 13.2 VDC Nominal

Input Voltage:
Main: 9 – 17 VDC,
Solar Input: 27 VOC max. (open circuit – no load)

Current Draw:
Charging Device: Including LED indicator <10mA
Remote Display: With backlight off: 10mA max,
With backlight on: 30mA max

Boost Voltage:
Standard Lead Acid: 14.4 VDC Nominal
Absorbed Glass Mat: 14.6 VDC Nominal
Gelified Electrolyte: 14.2 VDC Nominal
Lead Calcium: 14.8 VDC Nominal

Electrical Protection:
Thermal overload shutdown – auto reset
Electrical overload shutdown – auto reset
Under voltage disconnect – auto re-connect
Over voltage disconnect – auto re-connect
Reverse polarity protection of main terminals

Environmental Protection:
Charging Device: IP67 (internal components only)
Remote Display: IP40 (not dust or water resistant)

Fitting instructions are not available.

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