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A handy shower kit that pumps water from a water source up to a shower head.

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This handy camp shower can also be used for rinsing off soiled dishes, getting mud off your boots, giving your wind shield a quick wash, etc.

  • Uses a submersible pump that simply plugs into your cigarette lighter.
  • Includes a 2M length of water pipe.
  • On/off switch to the pump.
  • S-hook can be hung from a convenient tree branch or roof rack to get the shower head above you.
  • Supplied with a suction cup mounting bracket and shower holder or can be used together with the Rack Mount Shower Arm.
  • The shower has an adjustable water flow.
  • Entire kit fits in the supplied handy carry bag.
  • Only draws 1.5A.
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Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
Hello, I have a question - will the pump of the turbo camping shower 12v fit into your plastic water jerry can?
Question by: Marcin Slomski
It does not. This product was designed to use with a bucket or product with a wider mouth than the Front Runner water tanks.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi, what is the flow rate of the shower?
Question by: Matt
2.6l per minute.
Answer by: Front Runner
I suppose the water is being pumped up from any tank? and how hot does the water become after pumping?
Question by: Paul Anton
The turbo shower cannot heat up water. It’s a pump system only. Water can be pumped from any container, as long as the pump stays submerged.
Answer by: Front Runner
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