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Pick-Up Drawers / Large - by Front Runner

Pick-Up Drawers / Large - by Front Runner

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Product Code: SSDR010

Make storing and organizing gear and valuables a no-brainer. These 2 lockable drawers can be fitted in many vehicles as a “universal” drawer solution. Hide contents from prying eyes while creating more usable and easily accessible storage space in your vehicle. Engineered tough for both on and off-road travel. Product Dimensions: 1230mm (48.4") L x 1080mm (42.5") W x 300mm (11.8) H

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If Front Runner does not offer a vehicle specific drawer kit for your make and model vehicle, consider these “universal” drawers. Since these drawers will only fit into appropriately sized vehicles, please see SPECS for exact product measurements.

Includes turnbuckles and carabiners to facilitate installation to many vehicle factory mounting points.

  • 113kg / 250 lb per drawer load carrying capacity.
  • Hold open feature: drawers “lock” open while parked on uneven surfaces.
  • High-strength bearing slides allows each drawer to extend nearly 100% from the anchored base.
  • Provide peace of mind and security by locking away important travel items such as computers, smart phones and camera gear.
  • The flat deck incorporates three cargo attachment channels and 6 Black Tie Down Rings.
  • Customize your own storage configurations. Stack and secure luggage, Wolf Pack, Cub Pack, aluminum boxes and other storage containers to the top deck using Stratchits or other straps.
  • The deck above the drawers can also be used to mount Front Runner Cargo / Fridge Slides.
  • To create a removable box option, use Cub Pack or Flat Pack inside the drawers. The Cub Pack or Flat Pack can be used to further organize and easily move gear in and out of a vehicle.
  • The deck is covered with a durable, UV resistant nylon pile carpet.
  • The nylon carpet surface creates resiliency for securing cargo while insulating against noise and vibration.
  • Finished with the same durable black powder coating as Front Runner Roof Racks and other Front Runner products.
  • All Front Runner Storage Systems are backed by a 2 year warranty.

NOTE: These "universal” drawers do not come with a vehicle specific deck completion set or faceplates.

If you have any questions about whether or not this product will fit your vehicle, please contact Front Runner before purchase.

*Please Note: Cub Packs and Flatpack Storage Boxes are not included when purchasing this Drawer System and are sold separately.

Please Note: Installation of this product requires a Rivnut tool. We suggest using the Rivnut tool / M6/M8.

Consists of:
1 x Drawer unit with 2 equal size drawers
2 x Push to close latch with 2 keys per lock
3 x Accessory channels
6 x Eye Nuts for accessory channels
Installation Hardware includes 4 turnbuckles to secure the unit
Fitting Instruction

Materials used:
Aluminum - Accessory Channels & Sub Frame
Black powder coated steel - Drawer Bins & Frame
Carpet & Laminated plywood - Top Deck

Product Dimensions:
1230mm (48.4") L x 1080mm (42.5") W x 300mm (11.8) H

Interior drawer Dimensions:
Left Hand Drawer:
1156mm (45.5") L x 445mm (17.5") W x 208mm (8.2") H

Right Hand Drawer:
1156mm (45.5") L x 445mm (17.5") W x 208mm (8.2") H

78Kg (172lbs)

Load Rating:
113Kg (250lbs) per Drawer

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

Can you please state the width needed between load bed wheel arches for this product?
Question by Bryant
Hi, Bryant. You'll need 42.5 inches of space between the wheel arches to install the drawer. There is a "specs" tab on the webpage for this product (Sku: SSDR010) that contains all measurements you might be interested in. Thank you!
Answer by Front Runner
I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with short bed so do these drawers fit inside the wheel wells in the bed and are even with the wheel wells? I am looking for a drawer system that fits in between the wheel wells and is even across the top of the wells. This is so I can put fit a variocage under my SnugTop canopy on top of the deck it would create.
Question by Tracy
Many of our Drawer Systems are universal and we do not currently sell vehicle specific drawer kit for the Tacoma. Please read the specs for the drawers you're interested in. All the dimensions are there and you can check them against the size of your vehicle's rear bay.

on all the drawers that describe the dimensions so that you can cross check them with your vehicle. For any other questions please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a Jeep wrangler 4 door jku if I take out my back seat will this box fit in.
Question by Ken
Unfortunately Ken, this drawer system will not work with the JKU as it's too wide to fit. Even taking out the factory subwoofer would still only gives you 40 inches versus the 43 you need. We do sell a drawer system specifically engineered for the JKU, product code SSJW001.
Answer by Front Runner
Is this product 48" wide and made to fit across the width of a pickup bed? Has anyone ever installed one in a suburban? Thanks
Question by Josh

These drawer systems are universal and can fitted to any vehicle. This particular one is just most common for pick-up trucks. We offer a drawer system that is common for SUV's as well (Product Code: SSDR005). Check it out and compare the specifications for both of these drawer systems to your vehicle and let us know which one works best.

Answer by Front Runner
Does the Front Runner Expander Chair fit inside the drawer?
Question by Miguel

Our chair and the internal dimensions of the drawers are 17.5 inches wide.
Our chair will fit in the drawers, but would have to be slightly angled.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner

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