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LED Remote Control - by Front Runner

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​A small inductor connects to the LED Flood Light using the Wiring Harness which allows you to use your LED Flood Light from a distance by using a remote control. This remote control kit also adds additional functionality by allowing the LED Flood Light to flash as well as send out an SOS sequence.

The remote control includes a strap with key-holder and has 4 buttons with different functionality. The kit also allows for 9 different flash patterns.


Consists of:
1x Remote Control
1x Inductor
1x Double Sided Tape

Product dimensions:
60mm (2.4") L x 70mm (2.8") W x 30mm (1.2") H

Other specifications:
Input Voltage:
10-30V DC

Max Amp:
1.35A (the cable)


Effective distance:


*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

I already have my lighting fitted and working but would like to incorporate this remote. Would I be able to remove the plugs and splice into my existing wiring?
Question by Keith
Yes, the relay can be spliced into your existing wiring. If you have lights and a wiring harness from Front Runner, it should plug right in. If you have to splice it yourself, make sure all the leads are connected in the correct configuration.
Answer by Front Runner
Dear sir, if I'm not using your product Wiring Harness , how to connect the difference colour wire from battery-to-buttom-relay.

Rocky Lam
Question by Rocky Lam
We recommend using our wiring Harness ( ECOM103). This will be the safest option and simplify the installation.
Answer by Front Runner
Please send me the wiring diagram for the Front Runner LED Remote Control (ECOM095).
Question by Tarek Ali
Visit the link below for the Installation Instructions of this product:
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, How many lights could be connected to a single remote control. I'm looking at using it with: 1x Frontrunner 40" Flood / Spot Combo Light and 2x Frontrunner 10" Flood Light. Would this work?

Question by Stephen
You have 2 options:

1. Hook-up all three lights to one LED Remote Control system and control them all with one remote simultaneously.

2. Hook-up each light to an individual LED Remote Control system and control them individually with three different remote controls.
Answer by Front Runner
Is the wireless communication done via IR or radio? Does this kit work with any 12V lights?
Question by Dan
The transmitter is radio. We have only tested it with 12v LED lighting, which has a low amp draw. I imagine any 12v signal could be used, but I am not aware of the load restrictions. Thank you
Answer by Front Runner

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