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- January 06, 2022

Bartek Kolaczkowski is a professional automotive and travel photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Bartek loves to travel, and the discovery of new places inspires him in his work every day. Bartek had a busy 2021, clocking over 30,000 km in his Land Rover Discovery 2 and over 5,000 km in his Land Rover Defender 90. “Our trip through the Balkans was the biggest this year,” says Bartek, explaining how they drove nearly 10,000 km across five countries. “Most of the time was spent in Albania where I explored a lot of off-road tracks with outstanding wild campsites in the mountains.” ​Another highlight from the year was that Bartek experienced every season in his Discovery. “I’m hungry for more next year!” he says.

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

What are your favourite campsites of all time?

Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Dolomites (46°36'53.1"N, 12°17'30.5"E). ​I spent a beautiful starry night camping at 2300m above sea level on my first long trip in the Disco. Lambjano Bay, Albania (40°04'11.6"N, 19°46'06.0”E). I spent a few days there camping on the cliff with a view of amazing blue water and outstanding sunsets every evening. Unforgettable! Albanian Alps, wild spot on the south road to Theth (42°15'17.1"N, 19°47'00.1”E). The most epic sunrise I have ever seen in the mountains! Lake District in the Eastern Poland (53°53'38.7"N, 23°19'57.7”E). Sleeping under the huge trees by the lake. One of the best spots I have ever been to in Poland. ​Romo, Denmark (55°03'52.9"N, 8°30’01.6”E). Never ending desert. You’re not permitted to sleep there, but it's a perfect place for ‘camping’ during the day. It’s also an amazing spot for automotive photography.

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

What is the biggest challenge you ever had to overcome on an overland trip?

I remember this stretch of 20 km of tough off-road track in the mountains in south Albania which took us around 8-10 hours. I found this route on Google and thought, “If it’s on the map, it can’t be so tough.” There were a lot of traverses, big stones and muddy parts and we never met anyone else through the entire day of driving.

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

What kits are on your vehicles?

My Discovery 2 is the main car for long travels, equipped with a Front Runner Roof Rack, Front Runner Roof Top Tent + Annex2 m AwningPro Stainless Steel Camp Table with Under Rack Bracket, two Expander Camping Chairs, four Wolf Packs (filled with tools, kitchen, camping gear and clothes), Typhoon Bag for my girlfriend’s wardrobe, Dometic CFX3540” Led Light BarSpare Tyre Braai/BBQ Grateshovel with Racheting Shovel Mount and most importantly the Rack Mounted Bottle Opener. ​I use the Defender 90 for local travels and as an off-road truck so I have minimal setup there: Front Runner Flip Pop Tent, two Expander Camping Chairs, four Wolf Packs (filled with tools, kitchen, camping gear and clothes), and the Spare Tyre Braai/BBQ Grate. ​

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

What is next on the travel schedule?

My plan for the very near future is some winter travel with camping in the snow! Then, I’m preparing the Defender 90 for a restoration process. I hope to have it ready for next season as a civilian car (it’s currently a 30-year-old military vehicle). For its first trip I’m going to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next year I’m also planning to travel through Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. If everything goes well, I’m also planning a trip to the Canary Islands to escape the autumn/winter season in Poland.​