Toyota Fortuner (2005-2015) Auxiliary 42l Fuel Tank - by Front Runner

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Extra fuel tank for the Toyota Fortuner.​
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Extra fuel tank for the Toyota Fortuner.
  • Up to 42L extra fuel.
  • Made from 3CR12 stainless steel and painted black to add extra protection.​
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Product Questions
Is all piping included when you buy the tank?
Question by: Mike
Yes, the piping required for this tank is included.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hello Are you going to develop a similar fuel tank for the new model 2016 onward Fortuner available in both SA and Australia? If so I am based in Australia. Will it be released here?
Question by: Tim
Unfortunately, we aren't developing an AUX tank for the 2016 Fortuner it will affect the vehicles ground clearance of the departure angle.
Answer by: Front Runner
What is the fitted weight of the fuel tank (excluding any fuel)
Question by: Denis
The tank and all the plumbing weighs approximately 16kg.
Answer by: Front Runner
Does the fitting of extra tank affect the fuel gauge and range reading
Question by: Ian
The fuel gauge will show full until the auxiliary tank is empty. Unfortunately, the onboard range reader cannot be calibrated to recognize the extra fuel in the system. The best way is to fill both tanks, zero the odometer, and drive the vehicle fairly hard in town until empty and record the range. That will give you a safe indication of the distance you will or can get on a trip.
Answer by: Front Runner
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