Plastic Water Jerry Can With Tap - by Front Runner

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An all plastic food grade water tank that fits into the Front Runner line of Jerry Can holders as well as other popular Jerry Can holders. It is similar in size and shape to most jerry cans on the market.

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  • 14 day money back
  • Built off-road
  • Clever design - fill up at the top, protected tap at the bottom.
  • 20 litre (5.3 gallon) capacity.
  • Tank made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.
  • Whether carried in a Front Runner jerry can holder or stored alone, the Front Runner Plastic Jerry Can and Tap will survive the harshest road conditions.
  • The plastic tap is removable and can be replaced with Brass Tap Upgrade For Plastic Jerry W/ Tap (sold separately)
  • Fits all Nato/Wedco style jerry can holders.
Material used:
Food-grade BPA free polyethylene
20l (5.3gal)
Product Dimensions:
W 350mm (13.8") x H 465mm (18.3") x L 160mm (6.3")
1.83kg (4lbs)

Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
Can this tank be stored on it's side without leaking?
Question by: Kyle
The Plastic Water Jerry Can with Tap (WTAN002) can be stored on its vertical side with the black cap and the tap facing up. A great way to mount this to the rack is using our Single Jerry Can Holder (JCHO009)! It not only works with the metal fuel jerry cans but the Plastic Jerry Cans as well!
Answer by: Front Runner
What is the threading size(tap) on the plastic water jerry can?
Question by: steve
The bottom tap port on the Plastic Water Jerry Can is 3/4 NPT (National Pip Thread).
Answer by: Front Runner
Is this Jerry Can UV resistant?
Question by: Clayton Cooke
Yes. They are specifically designed for outside use.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi can you buy replacement caps for these jerry cans? I have one of these and they are fantastic unfortunately we lost our cap on the weekend
Question by: Sharron
Yes. The product code for the replacement cap you are looking for is (WTAN018).
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi what is the diameter of the main hole where the tap goes ?
Question by: Manuel
The hole diameter is 1/2".
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi. Is the tap suitable to attach a hose to, or do you do a different tap that could?
Question by: hairy
No, Unfortunately, we do not have a hose kit that fits the Water Jerry can. The tap is removable and you may be able to replace with a tap that has threading for a hose.
Answer by: Front Runner
I was wondering if I could mount this or the narrow water tank on the outside of my trailer and run the hose inside to a pump and sink. I see that you answered someone it was not designed to be used with a pump but wonder why you say that. Is it because the cap won't let air in to let the water be pumped out?
Question by: Dave highsmith
The Water Tanks were designed to be gravity fed and not meant to be pressurized, but there's no reason you can't pump water out of the tank.
Answer by: Front Runner
This fits in the same carriers (vertical) as the fuel cans, even though the dimensions seem to be a little different?
Question by: jeff
Yes, the Water Jerry Can will fit in the Vertical Jerry Can Holder (JCHO003).
Answer by: Front Runner
I lost my cap. Do you stock or do you have any suggestions on replacement
Question by: Greg Calhoun
We offer replacement caps for this tank yes. Here is the link:
Answer by: Front Runner
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