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​The Front Runner LED Remote Control Kit allows for the use of your Front Runner LED Flood Light by remote control.

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  • ​A small inductor connects to the LED Flood Light using the Wiring Harness which allows you to use your LED Flood Light from a distance by using a remote control.
  • This remote control kit also adds additional functionality by allowing the LED Flood Light to flash as well as send out an SOS sequence.
  • The remote control includes a strap with key-holder and has 4 buttons with different functionality.
  • The kit also allows for 9 different flash patterns.

Note: Remote control battery (27A 12V) not included.

Consists of:
1x Remote Control
1x Inductor
1x Double Sided Tape

Product dimensions:
60mm (2.4") L x 70mm (2.8") W x 30mm (1.2") H

Other specifications:
Input Voltage:
10-30V DC

Max Amp:
1.35A (the cable)


Effective distance:


*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions
I already have my lighting fitted and working but would like to incorporate this remote. Would I be able to remove the plugs and splice into my existing wiring?
Question by: Keith
Yes, the relay can be spliced into your existing wiring. If you have lights and a wiring harness from Front Runner, it should plug right in. If you have to splice it yourself, make sure all the leads are connected in the correct configuration.
Answer by: Front Runner
Dear sir, if I'm not using your product Wiring Harness , how to connect the difference colour wire from battery-to-buttom-relay. Thanks Rocky Lam
Question by: Rocky Lam
We recommend using our wiring Harness ( ECOM103). This will be the safest option and simplify the installation.
Answer by: Front Runner
Please send me the wiring diagram for the Front Runner LED Remote Control (ECOM095).
Question by: Tarek Ali
Visit the link below for the Installation Instructions of this product: http://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/multi/media/pdf/ECOM095/F_ECOM095.pdf
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi, How many lights could be connected to a single remote control. I'm looking at using it with: 1x Frontrunner 40" Flood / Spot Combo Light and 2x Frontrunner 10" Flood Light. Would this work?
Question by: Stephen
You have 2 options: 1. Hook-up all three lights to one LED Remote Control system and control them all with one remote simultaneously. 2. Hook-up each light to an individual LED Remote Control system and control them individually with three different remote controls.
Answer by: Front Runner
Is the wireless communication done via IR or radio? Does this kit work with any 12V lights?
Question by: Dan
The transmitter is radio. We have only tested it with 12v LED lighting, which has a low amp draw. I imagine any 12v signal could be used, but I am not aware of the load restrictions. Thank you
Answer by: Front Runner
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