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Tent Ladder - by Front Runner

Tent Ladder - by Front Runner

Product Code: TENT025
A replacement ladder for your Feather-Lite tent.
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A 7 (seven) step replacement ladder for your Feathe-Llite tent incase the original ladder gets damaged or lost.
  • Retractable, for easy storage.
  • Made from sturdy aluminium.
  • Foot friendly steps.
Materials used:
Extruded aluminium
Stainless steel

Product Dimensions:

1150mm (45.3") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H

Open Dimensions:
2055mm (80.9") L x 350mm (13.8") W x 90mm (3.5") H

Product Questions

What is the width of step on the tent ladder? How about on telescoptic ladder?
Question by e yorke
The available space on the Roof Top Tent ladder step is 11.5" (292.1mm) wide by 1.5" (38.1mm) deep. The Telescopic Ladder's available stepping space is 14" (355.6mm) wide by 1.5" (292.1mm) deep. Both of these measurements refer to the available space to step on inside the ladders left and right, vertical frame.
Answer by Front Runner

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