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Solar Shower With Temp Gauge / 20L - by Leisure Quip

Solar Shower With Temp Gauge / 20L - by Leisure Quip

Product Code: SHOW005
A solar shower that consists of a heat insulating water bladder, hose, shower head and temperature gauge. Attached to a Roof Rack Shower Arm, this solar shower keeps even the most rugged outdoor adventurers in sanitary condition.
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Hot water heated by the sun.
  • Four (4) ply water bladder: 1. Clear PVC; 2. Black PVC; 3. Thermal insulating foam; 4. Green rip-stop fabric.
  • The dark in colour water bladder absorbs the maximum heat from the sun and transfers that heat into the water.
  • Leave it out on your rack where it can get full exposure to the sun and you have water hot enough to shower with.
  • Keep track of your preferred water heat using the built in temperature gauge on the back of the bag.
  • Handy front pocket for soap and/or shampoo.
  • Velcro straps for any mounting solution.
  • Large filler cap.
  • Easy to use on/off shower head.
  • Purchase with our Rack Mount Shower Bracket for quick and convenient mounting.​

Product Questions

What is the rate (°C per hour) at which the water would be warmed by the solar panel for different day temperatures?
Question by Des Salzmann
Hi! This solar shower uses the insulated bladder to capture the heat from the sun so the rates will depend on the exterior temperature and amount of direct sunlight the bladder receives.
Answer by Front Runner

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