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Surgeflow Compact Water System Pump / 3.8l Per Min - by Front Runner

Surgeflow Compact Water System Pump / 3.8l Per Min - by Front Runner

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Product Code: WTAN019
This compact and powerful pump can supply up to 3 fixtures, one or two at a time in your truck, camper or van.  Features: Built-in pressure switch. Self-priming and can run dry. Includes built-in thermal protector and hose barb ports. Pressure ON/OFF: 22/35 PSI.
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Compact Automatic Demand Diaphragm Pump

  • Compact Design Measuring 6.4" (160 mm) in Length.
  • Fully Automatic Demand Pump.
  • Self-priming and Can Operate Dry Without Damage.
  • Built-in Thermal Protector.
  • Sealed Pressure Switch and Motor.
  • Low Noise, Acid, Alkali, Corrosion Resistant.
  • Compact design and plug-in port fittings make installation easy.
  • Sealed pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve is opened and closed.
  • Self-priming so pump can be located above supply tank.
  • Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 130° F (54°​ C).
  • Low amp draw for battery powered applications.
  • Soft compliant Santoprene mounting system.
  • No metal contact with liquid being pumped.

Product Dimensions:
L 200MM x W 110MM x H 70MM


Product Questions

Can this pump be used to pull water from a river to fill a tank, and then switch directions to push it through to a geyser?
Question by Adrian
No answers yet. Be the first to answer the question!
It is said that the pump is self-priming so pump can be located above supply tank. I want to use it with your 67 liter tank. How far above it can it be installed? Is 0.5 meter (19.7 inches) possible?
Question by Albert
Yes, the pump will work at 0.5m above the tank.
Answer by Front Runner
What is the power consumption at 12V?
Question by Albert Arslanov
The pump current runs at 3.9A.
Answer by Front Runner
is the pump suitable for exterior installation , i.e. on the underside of a 4x4 ?
Question by Jim
Yes! The pump can be installed on the exterior of the vehicle, but we do recommend covering it to protect it from getting damaged.
Answer by Front Runner

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