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Water Tank Hose Kit - by Front Runner

Water Tank Hose Kit - by Front Runner

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Product Code: WTAN014
This 1500mm (59.1") hose kit works with all Front Runner's water tanks that have plastic fittings.
Features a standard Quick Release hose attachment for easy customization.
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  • Includes a hose bracket that can attach to the tops or sides of Front Runner Slimline II Racks.
  • Features a standard Quick Release hose fitting for further customization of nozzles, taps, additional hoses, splitters, etc.
Consists of:
1x 10mm (0.4") diameter x 1500mm (59") length of clear hose
1x Raco fitting
1x Raco fitting stopper
1x Hose clamp
1x Roof rack pipe bracket with nut and bolt
1x Right angled tank to pipe fitting
1x Straight tank to pipe fitting

Product Questions

Where can you find male quick-connect fittings that will work with this coupler?
Question by Hashaam ahmed
We have located compatible quick-connect fittings at most hardware stores. They are typically located in the "garden" section and are usually standardized in size.
Answer by Front Runner
Can you recommend a 1/2" coupler with a nozzle/valve?
Question by Hashaam Ahmed
We offer a high-quality locking tap with an integrated ball valve that comes with a 1/2" barbed hose fitting and rack-mounting plate. You can find it by searching this SKU # WTAN016.
Answer by Front Runner
I'm interested in the "Water Tank Hose Kit" but unsure how it works. Question. At the end of the quick release hose attachment, what kind of on/off value to I connected it to. I see you sell the "Water Tank Locking Tap," but what other on/off dispensing valve is compatible. Thanks.
Question by Hector
The quick release hose attachment is a universal piece that works with the 1/2 inch quick release coupler that can be found in most hardware stores or nurseries. The coupler then let's you screw in any valve you would prefer to use.
Answer by Front Runner
will this attach to a Standard-issue 5-gallon USGI water can?
Question by Steve Kunkel
The Hose Kit (WTAN014) will not attach to a USGI 5 gallon water can.
Answer by Front Runner

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