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Land Rover Discovery LR3/LR4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

Land Rover Discovery LR3/LR4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

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Product Code: KRLD028T
This 2166mm/85.3" long full-size Slimline II cargo roof rack kit contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector and 2 Foot Rails to mount the Slimline II Tray to your Land Rover Discovery LR3/LR4. It easily installs using the existing factory mounting points. No drilling required.
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All Front Runner Rack Kits contain installation instructions as well as all the components needed to mount the Slimline II Tray to your vehicle. The vehicle specific foot rails have openings for storing compatible gear under the rack such as Front Runner tables.

If your vehicle has a DAB antenna, the tables can be inserted from either the right hand side or the left hand side of the roof rack to steer clear of the DAB antenna. If your vehicle does not have a DAB antenna, you may also orientate one table to mount from the rear of the roof rack.

**Please note. This Rack kit is not compatible with the Land Rover factory OEM Ladder. Consider purchasing the Front Runner Ladder for Land Rover Disco 3,4 / LR3, LR4 instead. (Part #LALD004).

These Foot Rails contain 2 openings to access Front Runner under rack mount tables (1 smaller prep and 1 larger camp size table).

All Front Runner Racks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

KRLD028T - Land Rover Discovery LR3/LR4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

Consisting of:

1 x FALD003 - Land Rover Discovery LR3 & LR4 Foot Rails - by Front Runner
1 x RRSTD11 - Slimline II Tray - 1255mm(W) X 2166mm(L) - by Front Runner

 Material used:

Black epoxy powder-coated T6 aluminium
3CR12 Stainless Steel

Approximate Installed Weight 36kg (79lbs)

The t-slots on the tops and bottoms of the rack tray slats and edge profiles accommodate standard 8mm bolts.

To determine the approximate height from your vehicle’s roof to the top of your Slimline II Roof Rack, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Foot, Grab-on Foot or Strap-On Foot listed above.

If your Slimline II Roof Rack kit uses Legs, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Legs to determine the height of the rack from your vehicle’s rain gutters.

If your Slimline II Roof Rack kit uses Foot Rails, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Foot Rails to determine the height of the rack from the crown (highest point) of the vehicles roof.

 Shipping Dimensions:

Width 450mm (18")
Length 1615mm (64")
Height 140mm (6")

Shipping Weight:

Weight 41.6kg (91.6lbs)


Product Questions

My LR4 has the DAB aerial antenna fitted. Does the Slimline II clear this and what is the overall height? With the suspension at its lowest level, the overall height is 196cm (6'6"), including the DAB antenna.
Question by Ben Laws
Our Slimline II rack for the LR3/LR4 secures to the vehicle with a foot rail mounting system. The foot rail bolts into existing threaded holes and is 95mm (3.7") high at the rear profile. The height of the foot rail should clear the DAB aerial and allow for the installation of the rack without any issue. The tray that fits on the mounting system has a 50mm (2") height profile. The total additional height of the rack system is 145mm (5.7") at the back of the vehicle.
Answer by Front Runner
What are the modular options for bringing the full rack to a 3/4? How many extra pieces would be required to make that conversion?
Love the modular flexibility of the FR series, but would potentially enjoy a 3/4 rack on lighter weekend trips as the opposed to the full rack, on expeditions.
Question by Matt
To bring the Land Rover Discovery LR3/LR4 Full Roof Rack (KRLD028T) to a 3/4 Roof Rack all you will need to purchase is the 3/4 foot rails and new side profiles for the rack tray. Please consider that while it's possible to reconfigure, you do have to remove that rack and dedicate some effort to make the transition!
Answer by Front Runner
What is the Slimline II dynamic (while driving) load capacity?
Question by Guillermo
There is not an exact number for the dynamic load capacity as there are many variables to take into account e.g. terrain, road conditions, load placements ect. We do however offer a static load rate for the Roof Rack Tray of 660lbs (300kg). For any other question please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by Front Runner
If we removed full length rails to install this rack, is the track exposed or is there a way to fill it once the rack has been bolted down to clean up the roof lines?
Question by Chris
With the factory tracks removed the channels will be open. If you would like you could purchase the OEM factory ditch moldings. The Front Runner Roof Rack (KRLD028T) will bolt right over them. For further information please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by Front Runner
What is the Slimline II maximum weight/load capacity?
Question by Tom
The load capacity for the Slimline II rack tray is 660lbs.
Answer by Front Runner
For the LR4, How tall are the foot rails, say from the center foot rails, to their top? I am trying to determine total rack height from that point, then adding the height of the Tent Mount Kit and Roof Top Tent for total system height vs. my garage with the door up. Thank you.
Question by Rick Ward
It is about 5 1/4 inches from the tallest point of the roof to the top of the Roof Rack (KRLD028T). For further info please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by Front Runner
Does this rack still allow you to open the sunroof? What kayak mounts are compatible with this rack?
Question by Rob
Yes, our rack system will not limit any functions of your Land Rover. We do offer a kayak rack of our own which seamlessly drops into our rack system. However, if you want to convert your current kayak mount or one you prefer over ours you'd need to switch out the mounting hardware to M8 bolt heads. Our slats have T-slots( or channels) which allow for such hardware. The channels are utilized by all of our accessors for mounting.
Answer by Front Runner
My LR4 has factory rails on it, I wanted to know if this full rack will work with the factory rails or if they will need to be removed in favor of the hard mount locations? I also wanted to ask if there is a ladder option for this rack as well, that will fold like the factory rover ladders?

Question by Beau
Our LR4 Roof Rack will replace your factory roof rails. Each side will have three torx bolts that are removed to uninstall the factory railing.

We also offer a rear ladder for the LR4 (LALD004). This ladder will mount just like the factory ladder, but has a slightly lower profile at the top. This lower profile ladder will allow you to fully open the rear hatch of your vehicle, with your roof rack installed. The factory ladder will not work with our roof rack installed.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this full size roof rack attach to the full length standard Discovery roof rails or will it attach to the vehicle mounting points only?
Question by john
The factory rail has to be removed and the Front Runner Foot Rail mounts into the existing holes of the roof.
Answer by Front Runner

I have purchased a full length roof rack for my 2008 land rover lr3, it has the stock land rover ladder, and the rack does not seem to fit with it, I'm now limited in my ability to open the rear glass. I'm hoping you have a hint or tip for me.

Question by Mike
Hey Mike,

Yes. The OEM ladder does not allow you to open the rear hatch fully without making contact with our rack system. We do offer a replacement ladder (Product Code: LALD004), that is almost identical, but has a slightly lower profile on the top portion. Check out the link below for more info...
Answer by Front Runner
What LR4 model years does this fit?
Question by David
This kit will work with all LR3 and LR4 models 2004 - Present.
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Nice rack Review by David
Super impressed with the fit and finish of this product. We have a base model 2006 LR3 and she fit perfectly. Install was moderately challenging, took me about 2 hours all in all. Most of the challenge was it removing the factory rack rails in order to get the new feet on. The only problem with the rack is that now I want buy all the other accessories. For real though, this is a high quality rack that has limitless versatility. (Posted on 05/07/2017)

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