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This cleverly designed awning has the largest canopy of all awning systems and can be mounted off a vehicle or stand free for protection from the elements.

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The Front Runner Modular Awning is the lightest weight and largest canopy cover of all vehicle mountable awning systems.  

Open, the awning is 11.5’/ 3.5m wide  and  8’/ 3m long -  offering 113 square feet/10.5m2 of shade!    

Extremely simple and non-permanent mounting straps allows you to mount the awning to any vehicle roof rack or factory rails, whenever and where ever you like.     

When attached to your vehicle's rack or rails, the Front Runner Modular Awning uses 5 aluminum poles for support.

An extra pole is supplied to create a stand alone awning that can be set up away from a vehicle, anywhere.    

The compact carry bag stores the poles, guy ropes, ground stakes as well as the entire awning and can be transported strapped to your roof rack or inside the vehicle. 

Made of Poly-Oxford Nylon -- a strong yet lightweight, breathable, mold resistant, waterproof, pvc coated, heavy duty fabric.  

Gable-shaped to allow for water run off.                           

The Aluminium poles hook into metal eyelets that have been fastened onto the canopy for quick and easy set up.

Lightweight, weighing in at only 6kg (13.2lbs)
Consists of:
1x Nylon Transport Bag
1x Fabric Awning
6x Support Poles
Ground stakes and guy ropes included
Materials used:
Awning: Poly-Oxford Nylon
Poles: Aluminium
Product dimensions:
Closed:L 1300mm (51.2") x W 330mm (13") x H 140mm (5.5")
Open: L 3000mm (9.8') x W 3500mm (11.5') x H 2300mm (7.5')
6kg (13.2lbs)

    *A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

    Product Questions
    What is the diameter of the awning poles?
    Question by: Kai Langenberg
    These awning poles are telescopic. The lower portion of the pole is 23mm (0.9") in diameter and the upper portion is closer to 25mm (0.98").
    Answer by: Front Runner
    I noticed my awning has Velcro sleeves on the edges. Is there a screen available for this?
    Question by: GH
    There is not currently a screen available for the Modular Awning.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Do the vehicle side corner poles rub against the truck?
    Question by: STS
    The awning can free stand so it's the user's preference how close the awning can be to the vehicle. When the awning is set up correctly the poles will not rub against the vehicle.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    Are the poles telescopic?
    Question by: Chad Villanueva
    Yes! The poles in the Modular Awning (AWNI004) are telescopic making each easy to adjust for any terrain!
    Answer by: Front Runner
    How long does the awning take to set up with two people?
    Question by: Andrew Middleton
    It's a super easy set up that takes about 10 minutes. The first-time setup might take a little longer of course but you'll get the hang of it very quickly.
    Answer by: Front Runner
    How long to erect in nil wins How long to erect in 20 km wind For 2 old , fairly simple, old people
    Question by: Robert Simpson
    The setup is straight forward and easier when attached to the vehicle. We do recommend the awning is set up by 2 people, young or old! Hope that helps.
    Answer by: Front Runner
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