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Front Runner was born out of a passion for Africa and it continues to be the testing ground for our vehicle equipment and accessories on expeditions and adventures. We thoroughly test our products in real-world conditions by hitting the road and checking the durability, reliability and effectiveness of all new Front Runner products and accessories to ensure every product can do the job well. And while we do, we ensure that we have fun exploring this fascinating continent... 

Click on the icons below to view the routes currently featured in these destinations:
We've started documenting routes and get-aways around Africa to give you a taster of what you can expect. We will constantly add new routes and interesting places to explore, so keep an eye out for the latest routes and 4x4 trails.

Africa Routes Map

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We have a line on the Ultimate Overland Vehicle.  In fact, we're the official U.S. dealer.  It's a G-wagon customized for overland expeditions by Unicat in Germany and it features many Front Runner products.  

To see the world class ENTDECKER,  GO HERE.  If you're a hard-core world explorer who has the good fortune to be able afford only the best (you know who you are), and you want to add this incredible vehicle to your collection of toys,  please contact us.  



We love to-do lists.  We love check lists.  "Best of"  lists.  Shopping lists...  Here is one we've put together to assist in the planning of a 2 week plus vehicle based journey.




Audio programs focused on the Overlanding scene.   Available soon on iTunes.

Front Runner Outfitters Podcast - Episode One - Scott Brady interview

Front Runner Outfitters Podcast - Episode Two - Rudi Theolen interview

Front Runner Outfitters Podcast - Episode Three - Paul May interview 

Front Runner Outfitters Podcast - Episode Four -  Jay Shapiro/The Muskoka Foundation interview 

Front Runner Outfitters Podcast - Episode Five -  Alex Carvallo/American Overland Expedition interview 



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