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Turbo Camping Shower / 12V - by Leisure Quip

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This handy camp shower can also be used for rinsing off soiled dishes, getting mud off your boots, giving your wind shield a quick wash, etc.

  • Uses a submersible pump that simply plugs into your cigarette lighter.
  • Includes a 2M length of water pipe.
  • On/off switch to the pump.
  • S-hook can be hung from a convenient tree branch or roof rack to get the shower head above you.
  • Supplied with a suction cup mounting bracket and shower holder or can be used together with the Rack Mount Shower Arm.
  • The shower has an adjustable water flow.
  • Entire kit fits in the supplied handy carry bag.
  • Only draws 1.5A.

Product Questions

I have a question - will the pump of the turbo camping shower 12v fit into your plastic water jerry can?
Question by Marcin Slomski
It does not. This product was designed to use with a bucket or product with a wider mouth than the Front Runner water tanks.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, what is the flow rate of the shower?
Question by Matt
2.6l per minute.
Answer by Front Runner
I suppose the water is being pumped up from any tank? and how hot does the water become after pumping?
Question by Paul Anton
The turbo shower cannot heat up water. It’s a pump system only. Water can be pumped from any container, as long as the pump stays submerged.
Answer by Front Runner

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