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Dual Battery Isolator - by National Luna

Dual Battery Isolator - by National Luna

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Product Code: ECOM019
The National Luna Dual batter isolator uses a high-strength solenoid, minimising voltage loss and increasing durability.
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The National Luna Intelligent solenoid has been designed to be a compact, automatic, parallel split-charge isolator for motor vehicles. The product features intelligent control electronics and a low-loss, high-current solenoid rated for extreme environments.

Installing the Intelligent solenoid is simple and can "piggy-back" off the vehicle's main battery without any ignition "tapping", ensuring that existing vehicle wiring is not tampered with.

The Intelligent Solenoid is supplied as a fully-functional split-charge isolator, no cables, batteries or other hardware is supplied. Battery monitor, lugs, cables and batteries are available separately.
  • Simple installation.
  • Low-loss solenoid.
  • Automatic connection and isolation.
  • Plug-in port for remote monitor.
  • No ignition wiring necessary.
  • Alternator over-load protection.
  • Removed battery protection.
  • Damaged battery protection.
  • Short-circuit protection.
  • Can be installed in trailers or caravans​.
Product dimensions:
L 130mm (5.1") x W 115mm (4.5") x H 75mm (3")

0.58kg (1.3lbs) excl. connections

Power supply:
8Vdc - 15Vdc (display range: 11.4V - 14.2V)

Switched current:
85 amp (continuous), 400 amp (peak)

Power consumption:
40mA ave (standby), 780mA max (solenoid engaged)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

My Defender has a 100amp alternator, will it burn out this system rated at 85amps continuous? I was planning on installing a 140amp alternator as well, is that not an option?
Question by Steve
Your 100amp alternator should be fine with this product. However, we would recommend contacting National Luna regarding the 140amp option you're considering. Thank you!
Answer by Front Runner
Can this be used on a secondary battery to start a 3.0L v6 if the main battery goes dead?
Question by Raymond

Yes. If your battery dies, you can activate the solenoid from the controller inside your vehicle, and then start your vehicle off the secondary battery.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner

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