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Why the Slimline II Roof Rack

Guy standing on Front Runner Slimline II 2 strap on Roof Rack that fits almost any vehicle

The Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack systems are beyond compare. But since we at Front Runner are always up for a challenge, we’re going to try.

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Built to last. No plastic components. These systems are made of high grade aluminum. Just like most airplanes. But unlike airplanes, our racks are grounded in off-road toughness and designed to tackle any earthly terrain.

Versatile. With over 50 Front Runner Rack Accessories and the ability to mount just about anything to the top, bottom or sides of our rack, you would see a new decade before you could list all the cargo carrying possibilities.

Sexy. Sure, it’s just a roof rack, but this super model would shred the competition on any runway. Conceived with the clean lines of modern vehicles in mind, the Front Runner Slimline II manages to stun in the wilderness AND in the city. Watch your back Gisele.

Adaptable. The patented bolt together design means this rack can be built to suit your needs. Unleash your inner child. With over 55 sizes and 7 different mounting systems, you can swap out components any time, move slats around, easily add Expedition Rails, quickly modify a half rack and turn it into a full rack… Let your imagination run wild.

Oh. We could go on. There’s more. Lot’s more. Start by checking out these racks for our most popular vehicles.

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