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Rack Mount Shower Arm - by Front Runner

The Shower Arm unhooks easily from the base and folds in half, compact, to be stored under a car seat or inside a Front Runner Wolf Pack, etc.

  • Mounts anywhere off the side of a Front Runner Roof Rack.

Materials used:
2.5mm (0.098") black powder coated stainless steel
Lightweight and can carry up to 20l (5.28 gallons) of water suspended from the roof rack

Consists of:
Lower shower arm, upper shower arm and a nuts and bolts kit

Product Dimensions:
L 530mm (20.86") x W 120mm (4.72") x H 90mm (3.54")

2kg (4.4lbs)

Maximum Load Capacity:
25kg (55.1lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

Can I ask what the internal dimensions are of the squares at the top of the arm near where the shower hangs? Why? I'd like to make a pole that inserts through so I can hang an LED light and shower gel etc from it.
Question by Rikk
Yes, you can ask! It's not square but round to hold the hand shower.

The front hole is slightly bigger than the rear as most hand shower handles have a taper on them.

Shower arm specifications:
Front hole 21.5mm diameter
Rear hole 19.8mm diameter
Answer by Front Runner
Will this still work on the Slimline II rack if you have the expedition rails installed?
Question by Darin Sweeten
While the Shower Arm (RRAC028) will not work with the full perimeter Expedition Rail kit, unless you purchase 2 extra drop down and create a space for the arm. It will work with the Front or Back perimeter Rail kit, or Side rail kit. Basically, you can install the arm wherever the rail is not!
Answer by Front Runner
any chance you sell just the base bracket so one can mount another bracket to other parts of the rack?
Question by noah baldwin
The Rack Mount Shower Arm (RRAC028) is currently only sold only as a kit - but what you're suggesting - one arm, and several brackets around the rack so you can move the arm for multiple showering options around the rack is not a bad idea! We'll bring it up at the next product development meeting. Stand by....
Answer by Front Runner
Is there an enclosure made to fit around this arm? for some privacy if having a full shower.
Question by jake
We do not have a enclosure for the arm. Although, if you combined this product with the Roof Top Tent there is a Shower Annex which you could buy for that purpose.
Answer by Front Runner
Is it mountable on the back side of a slimline canopy rack? All the pics are side mounted.
Question by Lucas

Unfortunately, our shower arm will only work on the sides of our rack system. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner
Does the arm fold for easy storage or does it stay extended when driving?
Question by Matthew
The shower arm is foldable and easily removable for traveling. We do not recommend driving with the arm extended.

Best Regards,
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Works with a Propane Hot Water Heater Review by Gary
If anyone is wondering, as I was before I purchased this item, the Rack Mount Shower Arm is compatible with an Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower. As wilth all Front Runner items I have purchased, this product is very high quality and is plenty strong enough to hold the on-demand water heater (a solar bag is much heavier than these types of water heaters). The only thing I did not know before purchasing, was if the bracket at the end of the arm was wide enough for the water heater handle; it is plenty wide enough for the Eccotemp L5. I highly recommend this accessory if you have a solar bag or propane hot water heater. This product, coupled with my Front Runner water tank, enables me to take hot showers and to wash dishes wherever I am. (Posted on 12/06/2017)

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