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At Front Runner, we know that when you're exploring the Australian Outback, you need fresh, healthy food and cold drinks to keep you going. Whether you're on a day trip, weekend camping trip or extended overland adventure, we recommend Dometic's range of powered coolers and cooler boxes to fuel your journey and minimize waste.

Dometic's CFX3 is the most advanced line of portable fridges, available in various high-tech sizes to suit all kinds of Aussie adventures. These innovative fridge/freezers can chill down to –22°C while using less power than a 60W lightbulb, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. The CFX3 range is designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions, so your food and drinks stay fresh and safe throughout your trip.

Each CFX3 powered cooler comes with an innovative mobile app, allowing you to adjust the temperature remotely and monitor your cooler's settings while you're on the road. Whether you're upgrading your existing powered cooler or purchasing your first portable fridge/freezer, the CFX3 range from Dometic is the perfect solution for your vehicle.

We also offer a range of vehicle-specific off-road accessories to pair with the CFX3 range, including fridge covers (for added protection) and heavy-duty Front Runner fridge slides (to maximise accessibility and space in your vehicle) as well as the game-changing Dometic PLB40.