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8 Ingredients to make the best camp cooking experience

8 Ingredients to make the best camp cooking experience

- April 11, 2022

While there are some amazing freeze-dried meal options out there, the days of instant noodles and just-add-water mashed-potatoes (which aren’t even potatoes) are long gone. Just because you’re going camping, doesn’t mean you can’t prepare an amazing meal. With a few smart gear additions, you’re now able to bring all the comforts of home-cooked quality to the campsite. Here are a few of our favorites:​

© Craig Kolesky

1.   Braai Spare Wheel​

First things first, you need to know your heat source to plan your meals. Will you be cooking on gas, on a coal/charcoal-stove, or over an open fire? If it’s mostly going to be the latter, the Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate is your go-to. It hooks ingeniously over your spare wheel which means it stores out of the way. Crafted from laser-cut stainless steel the grate has aluminum legs and features a flat-pan grill as well as braai-griddle section, which allows you to cook everything from fried eggs and stir-fried veggies, to chicken and that campsite luxury, thick-cut steak. It is easily secured with a Spare Wheel Step, Strap Ratchet 4M Endless or wheel cover (not included).​

© Craig Kolesky

2.   Must have spices​

Spices in glass bottles or with finicky lids that don’t close all-too-well could push some to stick to salt and pepper only. Packed in a Wolf Pack Pro with foam inserts removes this problem. Also, with a little planning, you maximize your packing by bringing only the spices you need for your camp kitchen menu. ​

• Salt and pepper are a must (steer clear of those salt-n-pepper mixes)​

• A mixed-herb of your choice is a great addition and will add another level of flavor to chicken, pastas and rice dishes ​

• BBQ meat seasoning (a good mix of your choice for a quick dry rub on any meat)​

• Crushed garlic or garlic flakes (makes everything better)​

• Cayenne pepper (if you like the spicy side of life, easier to travel with than hot sauce)​

• Honey (makes a great base for barbecue sauces, as sweetener for coffee and tea as well as a bread spread.)​

© Front Runner

3.   Water tank​

Being self-sufficient and having quality water you can trust, is important, not only for cooking and drinking but for hygienic cleaning too. We have various water solutions available to suit different applications and vehicles. These include everything from the basic such as the 20-liter (5.3 gallon) Pro Water Tank made from food-grade, BPA-free polyethylene to our Footwell Water Tank and range of Load Bed Water Tanks.

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

4.   Dometic fridge ​

For longer overland trips the freedom of keeping perishables fresh and bringing fresh ingredients to the camp kitchen is a game changer. The Dometic CFX3 fridge is a 65 liter, cooler with dual temperature compartments that can be set as both a fridge and freezer simultaneously. It features a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth app to remotely control and monitor temperature from anywhere in your vehicle. Its 3-stage dynamic battery protection system which prevents draining the car battery or allows deep draw on dual batteries. As a bonus it also has a USB port to charge your mobile devices or other gear.​

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

5.   Utensil Set ​

Elevate your eating experience with this high-quality utensil set that features everything you need for cooking (such as a spatula and chopping board; as well as pairing- and carving knives) and eating (from serrated knives, forks and spoons to the all-important bottle opener). The entire kit fits in a neat, tool-style roll with protective flap, adjustable straps and carrying handles. Knife-handles are triple riveted while the fork and spoon handles are equipped with comfort grip poly handles. ​

• 4 x serrated knifes​

• 4 x steak forks​

• 4 x dessert spoons​

• 4 x teaspoons​

• 1 x chopping board​

• 1 x paring knife​

• 1 x bread knife​

• 1 x carving knife​

• 1 x serving spoon​

• 1 x spatula​

• 1 x BBQ/Campfire fork​

• 1 x Bottle opener and corkscrew​

© Front Runner

6.   Drop Down Tailgate Table​

Table space is always at a premium, whether out for the day or on a longer camping trip. You can never have enough. While the stainless-steel Pro Camp Table is first choice, the Drop Down Tailgate Table that mounts on SUVs (and trucks) with rear swing opening doors and a flat mountable surface makes for a versatile and convenient addition. The primary tray has a surface area of 648mm (25.5") L x 331mm (13") W, which can be increased by an additional 445mm (17.5") in length by sliding out the 12mm wood tray extension.

© Bartek Kolaczkowski

7.   Chairs ​

Having a comfortable spot to sit immediately transforms a campsite. As important as chairs are, they can also be rather awkward items to transport. Thanks to its telescopic design the Expander Chair folds into the size of a laptop case, but when they fold out (and ‘expand’) they are extremely comfortable. ​

© Craig Kolesky

8.   Organization ​

The feedback we get from customers is that their lives out on the road reached a new level of convenience after they’d fitted a drawer system and worked out a storage plan around packing things such as pots and pans, spices and dry foods in the drawer system. The common thread is that you need to find what works for you, then always pack the same items in the same place.