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105A Battery Box - by Front Runner

This box allows you to mount an additional battery for your vehicle onto any flat surface, held safe and secure, away from damage.​
Product Dimensions:
L 392mm (15.4") x W 183mm (7.2") x H 252mm (9.9")

Product Questions

What are the internal dimensions of this battery box? Is there anything to prevent the battery from moving inside?
Question by Karl
The internal dimensions are 250mm (9.8") H x 340mm (13.4") W x 180mm (7.09") D. The box is designed to take a 54/105 battery which sits fairly tight. There is also foam on the inside of the lid which holds the battery down.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi there
we bought one of your battery boxes, and found the plate inside.
Could you please let us know what the plate is for?
What we can do with it?

Thanking you in advance

Kind regards
Question by Erik
The plate in the battery box is a plug plate where you can mount power points like hella points and Anderson plugs.
Answer by Front Runner

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