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Transit Bag / Extra Large - by Front Runner

  • Manufactured in South Africa from a durable Ripstop fabric which is 100% UV protected, dust proof and water resistant.
  • Stitched with a nylon thread to ensure no rotting or deterioration when exposed to the elements.
  • Overlapping fabric lip with velcro seal to protects heavy duty zipper from dust and debris.
  • Sandwich padded construction with polyester lining built to withstand the toughest journeys on top of the roof.
  • 4 Triple-stitched tags for looping through Stratchits (or similar straps) and securing the bag to a Front Runner roof rack or other cargo carrier.
  • 2 Carrying handles. Easily remove the bag to carry gear in to camp or other lodging.
  • 1200mm / 47.2 in width.
  • Designed to fit 3 Wolf Pack, up to 4/5 Cub Pack, or up to 4/5 Flat Pack.
  • Folds compact.

Product Dimensions:

Open Dimensions:
1200mm (47.2") L x 500mm (19.7") W x 300mm (11.8") H

Folded Dimensions:
520mm (20.5") L x 410mm (16.1") W x 50mm (2") H

1.78kg (3.9lbs)

Product Questions

Does the transit bag/extra large have a bottom base to straighten flat onto roof racks?
Question by peter scholtz
Yes, the Transit bag base is flat and will sit snugly on our Roof Racks. You can use our Stratchits (STRA034) to secure the bag onto our Roof Racks.
Answer by Front Runner
This mentions fitting 4/5 of the flat packs. What does this mean? Can it fit 5, or is it too tight?
Question by Nathan
You will absolutely be able to fit 5 of the Flatpacks / Cub Packs sitting on their sides or 4 Flatpacks / Cub Packs sitting upright.
Answer by Front Runner
Will it hold three Wolf Packs with Hi Lids?
Question by Batman
The Extra Large Transit Bag will not be able to hold three Wolf Packs with the Hi Lids on.
Answer by Front Runner
Do they come in different sizes, for example,i may want a bag that holds 2 wolf packs

Question by Gary
We offer a large and extra large transit bag. They hold different configurations of Wolf Packs, Cub Packs, Flat packs or no packs! Please refer to the product descriptions and specs -- all the details will be there.
Answer by Front Runner
Can you clarify how the bag attaches to the tray/rack?
Question by Nathan
It has strap loops for either our Stratchit or a Ratchet Strap. The loops are on the four corners and in the middle, they look like six patches on the top of the bag.
Answer by Front Runner
It mentions water resistant, what can these withstand. I am not going to through them in a river, but under heavy rain when driving how do they hold up?

Question by Royce Smallbone

Our transit bags are lined with a water resistant material on the inside and should keep all your items dry while on the roof of your vehicle in a rainstorm. They are not water proof!

Answer by Front Runner

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