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Front Runner Under Rack Storage Slides

Product Code: TBRA013
MSRP: $95.94

Availability: In stock

The carpet lined, all steel storage slides mount a table or any flat gear UNDERNEATH the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack. These slides mount both vertically as well as horizontally under the rack.

The Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack is unique among roof racks in that gear can be mounted and stored underneath the rack. We supply the rack, you supply the imagination.  
  • The ​under rack storage slide was designed for the Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table, but can be used with the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack to store any flat objects.
  • Slides come with the hardware needed to lock any Front Runner Stainless Steel Table in place under the rack.
  • These slides have been redesigned so that they can be mounted parallel to the slats as well as accross the slats.
  • Stowing a table away in a vehicle or on a roof rack has been awkward at best. Now there’s no excuse not to have the convenience of a table when you travel.​ 
Product dimensions:
W 76mm (3") x L 876mm (34.5") x 38mm (1.5")
Lined slide tray: W 38mm (1.5")

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Product Questions

What clearance do I need between my roof rack and the roof of my vehicle to mount this?
Can the latch (part number 6 in the instructions) be used in conjunction with an awning (aka using an awning and awning brackets RRAC029)?

I would like to put an awning on the rear of my rack/truck and also still access my table that is mounted at the rear as well.
Do you use the 34.5" slides for the 45.3" long table? What keeps the table from sliding beyond the end of the slides
Wish I saw this rack before I bought mine! I have the Baja on my 80 series. I would like to mount your storage slides/table on my rack. is this possible. I think I could make it happen with some drilling and u bolts. Any comments you could offer would be great
I have the Wind Cheetah roof rack that I bought for my FZJ80 four years ago. I ordered and received the storage slides, but it appears that I only have clearance over the sunroof.

Are there alternative rack supports?
Are these slides made of stainless steel?